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NOUN   kashruth | -
Kaschruth {f}
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Übersetzung für 'kashruth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kaschruth {f}gastr.relig.
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  • Today, he has many descendants involved in communal life at the national and local levels, including kashruth administration at the Orthodox Union, and the teaching faculty of Yeshiva University's Manhattan Talmudical Academy High School and cantorial leadership.
  • Kashruth Council of Canada (better known as COR), is a kosher certification agency in Canada.
  • The Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America approves all flavors for consumption by observant Jews, with OU Kosher status.
  • When kosher wine is produced, marketed, and sold commercially, it would normally have a "hechsher" (kosher certification mark) issued by a kosher certification agency, or by an authoritative rabbi who is respected and known to be learned in Jewish law, or by the Kashruth Committee working under a "beth din" (rabbinical court of Judaism).
  • There was also a focus on studying the laws of Shabbos, kashruth, prayer, and blessings.
  • It is a constituent of the Kedassia kashruth organization. It has also established Menorah Primary School and Menorah High School, amongst many others.
  • Proponents of not eating the meat of an animal from which the appropriate gifts were not given cite the Talmudic comparison of such meat to "Piggul" based on the following Talmudic narrative: Yechezkel, upon being commanded by the almighty to consume bread baked by using human excrement as coal pleaded for leniency by exclaming that he was always scrupulous in watching what he ate in terms of Kashruth and purity and that never had "Piggul" (i.e. ...
  • Although they are not genetically or historically related to other ethnic Jews, they are devout in their practice of the religion, keeping their version of kashruth, and keeping Shabbat.
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