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NOUN   a kudu | kudus / kudu
SYNO koodoo | koudou | kudu
kudu [Adenium obesum]
Wüstenrose {f}
greater kudu [Tragelaphus strepsiceros]
Großer Kudu {m}
greater kudu species [genus Strepsiceros, formerly Tragelaphus]
Großkudus {pl}
lesser kudu [Tragelaphus imberbis]
Kleiner Kudu {m}
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  • The Girl Guide emblem features the head of a kudu.
  • The greater kudu population in the northern part of its range has declined due to excessive hunting and rapid habitat loss.
  • Within the human burials BEAP found grave goods in the form of thirteen complete pairs of lesser kudu horn cores, and six complete single lesser kudu horn cores were also present.
  • Common eland, Impala, Grant's gazelle (Bright's sub-species) and gerenuk graze the shrubs, and zebras, Beisa oryx, greater kudu and lesser kudu graze in the grasslands.
  • Including: African bush elephant, African buffalo, crocodile, kudu, hippo, African wild dog and giraffe.
  • Game animals include waterbuck, zebra, common warthog, aardvark, crocodile, bushpig and kudu.
  • Include: white rhino, kudu, blue wildebeest, giraffe, eland, zebra and warthog.
  • Mammals such as the elephant, kudu, oryx, black rhino and mountain zebra Hartmanns have previously appeared in the area, but their current status is uncertain.
  • The kudu horn is another Wood Badge symbol. Baden-Powell first encountered the kudu horn at the Battle of Shangani, where he discovered how the Matabele warriors used it to quickly spread a signal of alarm.
  • This area acts not only as pasture for crepuscular species like the bongo and the greater kudu, but as hay producing land.
  • Kudus are browsers and eat leaves and shoots. In dry seasons they eat wild watermelons and other fruit for their liquid content and natural sugars.
  • The Acacia Combretum bushveld reserve is stocked with free roaming African plains game such as: giraffe; kudu; wildebeest; waterbuck; duiker; bushbuck; impala; zebra; nyala; warthog and reedbuck.
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