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kuhli loach [Pangio kuhlii]
Geflecktes Dornauge {n}
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Übersetzung für 'kuhli' von Englisch nach Deutsch

kuhli loach [Pangio kuhlii]
Geflecktes Dornauge {n}fishT
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  • The Java loach ("Pangio oblonga") is a species of tropical freshwater fish, an unbanded kuhli loach, native to the sandy streams of Southeast Asia.
  • "Gasteracantha kuhli" is replaced by a similar black-and-white species, "Gasteracantha interrupta", on the Lesser Sundas and Sulawesi.
  • Some of the most well-known examples are the clown loach ("Chromobotia macracanthus"), the kuhli loach ("Pangio kuhlii"), and the dwarf chain loach ("Ambastaia sidthimunki").
  • Because of their similar names, and probably because the giant kuhli loach has become scarce in recent years, it is often confused with the "regular" kuhli loach, "Pangio semicincta".
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