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NOUN   a land pattern | land patterns
land patternLötaugenmuster {n}
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Übersetzung für 'land pattern' von Englisch nach Deutsch

land pattern
Lötaugenmuster {n}
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  • The Parliamentary Enclosure Acts of 1856 established a new land pattern for nearby Steep Marsh and Stroud, which still exists today.
  • "Brown Bess" is a nickname of uncertain origin for the British Army's muzzle-loading smoothbore flintlock Land Pattern Musket and its derivatives.
  • In 1834 a Land Commission was set up by the government to sort out the tangle of Crown grants, permissive occupancy and squatting, characterising Sydney's land pattern.
  • Captain Mighill rearmed his grenadiers in July 1776 with Short Land Pattern Muskets and bayonets that had been captured from the British.
  • Ferguson's men went back to the light infantry units they had originally come from, and his rifles were eventually replaced with the standard Long Land Pattern musket.
  • This land pattern was also used in certain areas of Western Canada by French and Métis settlers.
  • Local fiducials are used to locate the position of an individual land pattern or component that may require more precise location, such as a [...] pitch QFP.
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