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NOUN   a land plant | land plants
land plant
Landpflanze {f}
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Übersetzung für 'land plant' von Englisch nach Deutsch

land plant
Landpflanze {f}bot.
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  • The rent is collected by the owners from the rented homes, land, plant, or equipment.
  • From 1929 her research focussed on palaeobotany, she wrote several papers on fossil plants including early vascular plants from the Silurian and Early Devonian which helped to shape theories of early land-plant evolution.
  • The land, plant and machinery were sold in a public auction in 2010s.
  • A strobilus (plural: strobili) is a structure present on many land plant species consisting of sporangia-bearing structures densely aggregated along a stem.
  • She published over 310 scientific articles and authored 395 land plant species names, the fourth-highest number of such names authored by any female scientist.
  • Spores from the Lindegård Mudstone (late Katian–early Hirnantian) represent the earliest record of early land plant spores from Sweden and possibly also from Baltica and implies that land plants had migrated to the palaeocontinent Baltica by at least the Late Ordovician.
  • While many such symbiotic relationships remain too fragile to survive competition with mainland organisms, flowers proved to be an unusually effective means of production, spreading (whatever their actual origin) to become the dominant form of land plant life.
  • Low Fell and Raven Crag are now in the ownership of Buy Land Plant Trees CIC, a subsidiary of Chimney Sheep Ltd.
  • No land plant (embryophyte) fossils are known from the Cambrian.
  • Borissova authored 195 land plant species names, the ninth-highest number of such names authored by any female scientist.
  • One or more endophytic organisms are found in nearly every land plant.
  • Bạch Hổ is not the only oil field convincingly shown to be hosted in granite; Upon examination of the source rock and oil content, petrogeologists have emphasized that the oil's components indicate a lacustrine organic facies with lipid-rich, land-plant debris and fresh-water algal material, refuting theories of abiogenic origin in this area.
  • The layer the fossils were found in, does not consist of marine sediments, but contains land plant debris; this is seen as an indication of a more terrestrial habitat.
  • These events become longer during the Devonian; the enlarging land plant biota probably acted as a large buffer to carbon dioxide concentrations.
  • Among land plants, hornworts are one of the earliest-diverging lineages of the early land plant ancestors; cladistic analysis implies that the group originated prior to the Devonian, around the same time as the mosses and liverworts.
  • In addition to polysaccharides, glycoproteins of the hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein family, are important components of cell walls of land plants.
  • The first land plants probably evolved from shallow freshwater charophyte algae much like "Chara" almost 500 million years ago.
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