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NOUN   a landrace | landraces
landrace (breed)
Naturrasse {f} [Landrasse]
landrace (breed)
Landrasse {f}
German Landrace
Deutsche Landrasse {f} [Hausschweinrasse]
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Übersetzung für 'landrace' von Englisch nach Deutsch

landrace (breed)
Naturrasse {f} [Landrasse]zool.

Landrasse {f}biol.zool.

German Landrace
Deutsche Landrasse {f} [Hausschweinrasse]agr.zool.T
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In South Africa, the "Animal Improvement Act (62 of 1998)" defines a breed of animal indigenous to or developed in the republic to be a landrace, therefore the Boerboel is regarded as a landrace in the republic.
  • It was developed from local landrace by crossbreeding it with German, Danish and Swedish landraces.
  • Around the 16th century, Spanish explorers brought landrace goats from their native lands to the Caribbean Islands and areas that would later become the United States and Mexico.
  • The Africanis is a dog landrace found across southern Africa.
  • The current form of Svarthöna has been given the status of a landrace.
  • The Gotland rabbit has official landrace status in Sweden and is considered an endangered variety, but is also being developed as a formal breed under the same name.
  • Danish landrace goose (Danish language:" [...] "), or Danish goose, is a landrace variety of goose native to Denmark.
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