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large forcegroße Kraft {f}
large forcegroße Mannschaft {f}
with a large force {adv}mit einem Großaufgebot
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  • The Wehrmacht succeeded in their mission, landing a large force at vital strategic points in Norway.
  • These missiles carried as many as 10 warheads along with up to 40 penetration aids, meaning that a small number of launches could present a threat to the Air Force's ICBM fleet while retaining a large force in reserve.
  • By 11:45pm, a large force of 500-700 New York State Police troopers, local police officers, and various other law enforcement arrived.
  • A large force of rebels had occupied the fortress in the city of Artagira.
  • According to one, before the consuls went to Etruria, a large force of Senones went to Clusium to attack the Roman legion stationed there and routed it.
  • In a barren valley, he was ambushed and killed in the Battle of Ecbatana by Phraates II and a large force of Parthians, who had entered the country without being detected.
  • Two years later Mamai personally led a large force against Moscow.
  • These grooves would ensure that the stone would not move when struck with a large force.
  • The Muslim caliph Omar, in his battles against the Byzantine Empire, sent small reinforcements in the form of a continuous stream, giving the impression that a large force would accumulate eventually if not swiftly dealt with.
  • The punch and hammer make it possible to apply large force to very small areas of a stone tool.
  • The Manalapan Township police department is a large force composed of 55 officers.
  • In 1746 an attack was made on this fort by a large force of Indians, and, although there were in the fort only two men besides Maj.
  • The Battle of Crecy which pitted the English against the French in 1346 featured the early use of cannon which helped the longbowmen repulse a large force of Genoese crossbowmen deployed by the French.
  • Of particular note are Caesar's claims that the Romans fought Gallic forces of up to 430,000 (an impossible army size for the time), and that the Romans suffered no deaths against this incredibly large force.
  • In the summer of 1569 a large force of Janissaries and cavalry were sent to lay siege to Astrakhan and begin the canal works, while an Ottoman fleet besieged Azov.
  • Jaipal in retaliation marched with a large force into the valley of Lamghan (Jalalabad) where he clashed with Sabuktigin and his son.
  • Suetonius wrote that Roman general Nero Claudius Drusus defeated a large force of Germans and drove some “to the farther side of the Albis (Elbe)” river.
  • In 1688 the Venetians abandoned Athens to avoid a confrontation with a large force the Turks had assembled at Chalcis; at that time, the Venetians had considered blowing up what remained of the Parthenon along with the rest of the Acropolis to deny its further use as a fortification to the Turks, but that idea was not pursued.
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