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NOUN   a large format camera | large format cameras
large format camera
Großbildkamera {f}
large format camera
Großformatkamera {f}
large format camera
Großformat-Kamera {f}
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Übersetzung für 'large format camera' von Englisch nach Deutsch

large format camera
Großbildkamera {f}photo.

Großformatkamera {f}photo.

Großformat-Kamera {f}photo.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Weston mentioned he had just that morning written a letter to Ansel Adams, looking for someone seeking to learn photography in exchange for carrying his bulky large-format camera and to provide a much needed automobile.
  • The term f/64 refers to a small aperture setting on a large format camera, which secures great depth of field, rendering a photograph evenly sharp from foreground to background.
  • Recognised for his playful interaction of light, Sato uses a large-format camera for exposures that last from one to three hours, while he moves around the space creating illuminated lines drawn with flashlights.
  • His favorite large format camera was a 5 by 7 Linhof.
  • The main exception was for the photographs in Monique's Kindergarten for which a 4×5 large format camera was employed.
  • Film Photography Project, a website dedicated to film photography, announced in 2017 the comeback of large-format camera by a new startup called The Intrepid Camera Co.
  • Other large format camera lenses have a flange distance longer than 55 mm.
  • His second exhibition featured work from the same series, face-on images of buildings taken with a 4×5 large format camera.
  • Clyde Butcher (born 1942) is an American large-format camera photographer known for wilderness photography of the Florida landscape.
  • Inside he finds a vintage large format camera, he soon imagines himself as a Lone Ranger type character in a Wild West setting wandering into a saloon, where he meets Margaret and Harry.
  • Lens hoods with an extending bellows design (much like the bellows of a medium or large format camera) can be adjusted for depth.
  • An alternative use of Ilfochrome was for image capture directly inside a large format or ultra large format camera.
  • Hilla photographed with an 8×10 large format camera and processed her negatives by hand.
  • Close also created photo portraits using a very large format camera.
  • Jumonji photographed Matsumoto Kōshirō IX for a collection of black-and-white portraits of the same title; in 2005 he published a second volume, "Nippon Geki-gan," of monochrome portraits of actors taken with a large-format camera shortly before or after performance.
  • The SIR-B was part of the OSTA-3 experiment package in the payload bay, which also included the Large Format Camera (LFC) to photograph the Earth, another camera called MAPS which measured air pollution, and a feature identification and location experiment called FILE, which consisted of two TV cameras and two [...] still cameras.
  • Small and medium format cameras have fixed bodies that do not allow for misalignment of the film and lens planes, intentionally or not.
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