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laser cuttingLaserstrahlschneiden {n}
laser cutting
Laserschneiden {n}
laser cutting machine
Laserschneidmaschine {f} [auch: Laser-Schneidmaschine]
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  • Because of the tight budget, Hurd made Cameron pay for an early scene of a laser cutting Ripley free from her hyposleep chamber.
  • This principle is used in microwave ovens, laser cutting, and RF hair removal.
  • Elements typically consist of type (text), images (pictures), and (with print media) occasionally place-holder graphics such as a dieline for elements that are not printed with ink such as die/laser cutting, foil stamping or blind embossing.
  • New technology has also enabled laser-cutting of wooden or acrylic jigsaw puzzles.
  • The funnel can be separated from the screen of the CRT using laser cutting, diamond saws or wires or using a resistively heated nichrome wire.
  • Plasma and laser cutting tables, and water jet cutters, are also common.
  • Today, many industrial caster bodies are made by laser cutting the body from a single metal blank and then using a press brake to shape the legs to the required ninety degree angle, thus producing a mechanically stronger device.
  • Dassault Systèmes announced that NAL will be using 3DEXPERIENCE and DraftSight for cabin design, 2D/3D modelling, prototyping and laser cutting.
  • More advanced processes, such as laser cutting and jet torches, use sudden high temperature with a combination of cooling water to spall flakes of stone.
  • It is the first floor of its kind in the United States to combine "epoxy based terrazzo, and computer generated water jet laser cutting for the brass molds."
  • These specialized devices have been used to provide direct "X"-"Y" motion for precision laser cutting of cloth and sheet metal, automated drafting, and cable forming.
  • For example, heat may damage the quality of heat treated alloys, and laser cutting is less suitable for highly reflective materials such as aluminum.
  • The following year, NABI commissioned a new fabrication shop at its plant, equipped with robotic laser cutting equipment as well as tube bending and other new fabrication equipment.
  • Laser cutting can place many precise holes in a web.
  • Spatial coherence allows a laser to be focused to a tight spot, enabling applications such as laser cutting and lithography.
  • Among these is laser cutting, where the design is drawn or imported as a CAD or vector file and each piece is cut separately; each different species of wood-and thickness-may need a specific adjustment of the beam power; the offset will determine the gap between the pieces.
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