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laser energy
Laserenergie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'laser energy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

laser energy
Laserenergie {f}tech.
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  • Such shallow tissue deposition of laser energy is helpful in laser surgery, and for the efficient production of steam which produces enamel ablation by common types of dental laser.
  • 9 MJ of laser energy on the capsule. The result was an eight-fold increase over any prior energy output.
  • A US 4323756 patent, "method of fabricating articles by sequential deposition", granted on 6 April 1982 to Raytheon Technologies Corp describes using hundreds or thousands of "layers" of powdered metal and a laser energy source and represents an early reference to forming "layers" and the fabrication of articles on a substrate.
  • Apertures are also used in laser energy control, close aperture z-scan technique, diffractions/patterns, and beam cleaning.
  • Another transurethral method utilizes laser energy to remove tissue.
  • The returned laser energy must be mixed with a local oscillator in a heterodyne system to allow extraction of the Doppler shift.
  • This failure led to a much greater understanding of the process of implosion, and the way forward again seemed clear, namely to increase the uniformity of irradiation, reduce hot-spots in the laser beams through beam smoothing techniques to reduce Rayleigh–Taylor instabilities and increase laser energy on target by at least an order of magnitude.
  • When the exciting laser energy corresponds to an actual electronic excitation of the molecule then the resonance Raman effect occurs.
  • Beaming an IR laser to a hohlraum, as in Nova or NIF, required laser energy on the order of 100 MJ.
  • The bomb requires a spot of pulse-coded laser energy to home on; this can be supplied by the delivery aircraft, another aircraft (Buddy Lasing), or by a Ground Laser Designator.
  • This causes an expanding shock wave which absorbs laser energy at the shock front (a laser sustained detonation wave or LSD wave); expansion of the hot plasma behind the shock front during and after the pulse transmits momentum to the craft.
  • The darts do not home in on laser energy reflected from the target; instead, the aiming unit projects two laser beams which paint a two-dimensional matrix upon the target.
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