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late Hittite {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'late Hittite' von Englisch nach Deutsch

late Hittite {adj}
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  • As is customary for late Hittite princes, the Kurunta had also a Hurrian name "Ulmi-Teššup" (spelled also"Ulmi-Teshup").
  • The relief is a late Hittite-Luwian rock relief about 1.5 meter wide and 2.5 meters high and located in a passage between two mountains on the road south to Torbalı at a distance of six kilometers from Kemalpaşa center.
  • At Zincirli he discovered the ruins of Sam'al, capital of a small principality of the late Hittite period, which he later excavated between 1888 and 1902 together with Robert Koldewey.
  • Aksaray Museum exhibits the Aksaray Stele, a Late Hittite monument discovered in the city in 1976.
  • It dates back to Chalcolithic period and late Hittite period.
  • In Late Hittite reliefs, only hand lyres are depicted, which take various forms and are different from the Old Hittite lyres.
  • After 1946, he discovered the late Hittite ruins in Karatepe in southern Turkey along with the Turkish archaeologists Bahadır Alkım and Halet Çambel.
  • The people mentioned in the text are not otherwise known, so a date can only be assigned on stylistic grounds in the time of the Late Hittite principalities.
  • The Maraş lion is a Late Hittite sculpture of a lion with a hieroglyphic inscription.
  • The relief is dated to the 13th century BC, the late Hittite empire, like the Hanyeri relief.
  • His first venture into the art of architecture came in the 1950s, when he constructed by learning from the scratch and assisted by several professional architects and on the late-Hittite site of Karatepe in southern Turkey, where Mrs.
  • Karatepe (Turkish, 'Black Hill'; Hittite: "Azatiwataya") is a late Hittite fortress and open-air museum in Osmaniye Province in southern Turkey lying at a distance of about 23 km from the district center of Kadirli.
  • Melchert (1994) had also earlier assumed a contrast between a closer mid front vowel */eː/ < PIE *ey (yielding Late Hittite "ī") and a more open */ɛː/ < PIE *ē (remaining Late Hittite "ē"), but the examples are few and can be accounted for otherwise.
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