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late geometric {adj}
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late geometric {adj}
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  • It has been suggested that he was a pupil of the Late Geometric Statathou Painter, and the teacher of the High Proto-Attic Polyphemos Painter.
  • Late Geometric period lasted from 750 to 700/650 BC.
  • More than 9,000 animal bones were excavated at the archaeological site Kavousi Kastro in eastern Crete in the late 1980s that date to the Late Geometric period at about 8th century BC.
  • plural hydriai) is a form of Greek pottery from between the late Geometric period (7th century BC) and the Hellenistic period (3rd century BC).
  • The pointed "pyxis" didn't last much longer than the ninth century BCE, while the flat-bottomed continued into the late Geometric.
  • These samples were mainly in the Late Geometric phase of ceramics (before 600 BC) with a close ornamental pattern.
  • ... or Πλαγί του Κάστρου) date to the Subminoan–Early Protogeometric and Late Geometric–Early Orientalizing periods.
  • Shield decorations with various images, including animal heads, plants, ornaments or later gorgoneia, are known from the 8th century BC from battle scenes on Late Geometric Attic vases and literary descriptions.
  • Archaeologists today describe the iron spits as "utensil-money" since excavated hoards indicate that during the Late Geometric period they were exchanged in handfuls (drachmae) of six spits, they were not used for manufacturing artifacts as metallurgical analyses suggest, but they were most likely used as token-money.
  • 'Sekos' is Greek for ‘courtyard’; we can therefore deduce that the late geometric temple and its successors had never been roofed.
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