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late hourspäte Stunde {f}
3 Wörter
late hour workSpätarbeit {f}
4 Wörter
at a late hour {adv}zu später Stunde
at a late hour {adv}zu einer späten Stunde
at a late hour {adv}zu vorgerückter Stunde
at this late hour {adv}zu dieser späten Stunde
to arrive an hour latemit einer Stunde Verspätung ankommen
5+ Wörter
at so late an hourzu so später Stunde
The train is running an / one hour late.
Der Zug hat eine Stunde Verspätung.
to be too late by an houreine Stunde zu spät sein
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Laitanin apologizes for the late hour before announcing that he has a business proposition regarding nuclear rods newly on the market.
  • The pilot had indicated an unhappiness with the late hour of the flight and the automated procedures or techniques of the autopilot.
  • Channel 2 tried to censor the movie and in the end broadcast it at a late hour.
  • Gajendran asks why she is at the temple at such a late hour.
  • When he was denied an audience with the Resident at such a late hour, he went to Narayanhiti Palace.
  • The pitch invariably ended up with an invite to meet privately—sometimes at an outlandishly late hour—to talk about appearing in one of his films".
  • It was already getting dark when he approached the bridge and saw a pretty girl who asked the gallant samurai to take her home at such a late hour.
  • Packham and Humble were based at the BBC Natural History Unit headquarters in Bristol, but owing to the late hour of broadcast, all wildlife footage was prerecorded.
  • Telenursing allows nurses to overcome the barriers of distance and gives them the opportunity assist those who are unable to access health care clinics or services due to either the late hour or the distance.
  • The concert took place on a Friday at the late hour of 11:30 pm, following an earlier opera performance.
  • However due to the late hour of the crash, there were few other vehicles on the road, generally traveling at high speed.
  • As a national synchrotron facility to superconductors to dinosaurs, and it has also been noted for its industrial science At a late hour CFI told the proponents that it would not accept the SAL LINAC as part of the proposal, and the resulting shortfall was met in part by the spontaneous announcement by the Saskatoon city council and then Mayor Henry Dayday that they would double their contribution as long as other partners would.
  • But, because of the late hour and the weather, the number of people in the plaza had declined.
  • On the evening of the battle, Warren only ordered up reinforcements in men and heavy guns at the late hour of 21:00.
  • He said that he always thought best at night and one late hour in 1977 an idea occurred to him.
  • Church services began at sunset on Saturday and the night of prayer was called a vigil, eve or, due to the late hour, wake - from the Old English "waecan".
  • With Ahmad Nadalizadeh, she has co-translated from Persian a collection of Iranian poet Garous Abdolmalekian, entitled "Lean Against This Late Hour" (2020).
  • At a late hour, Bush adjourned the meeting "with hearts overflowing with gratitude."
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