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NOUN   lee | lees
lees {pl}
Bodensatz {m}
(wine) lees {pl}
Weintrub {m}
(wine) lees {pl}
Weingeläger {n}
gross lees {pl}
Grobtrub {m}
wine lees [treated as sg.]
Depot {n} [Rotwein]
lees of society
Abschaum {m} der Gesellschaft
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  • "The Lees of Virginia," "The Society of the Lees of Virginia" (http://www.thesocietyoftheleesofva.org/index.php? ...
  • The lees removal process is called disgorging ("dégorgement" in French), traditionally a skilled manual process where the crown cap and lees are removed without losing much of the liquid, and a varying amount of sugar added.
  • The process of stirring the lees ("bâtonnage") also became more commonplace.
  • The first Plénitude is the Dom Perignon released after 8-9 years of lees ageing.
  • The settling is intended to clarify the wort by removing the lees from it. The lees are colloids in suspension, debris from the skins or pulp, and exogenous debris (soil).
  • During the Edo period shōchū lees were used as a fertilizer during the rice-planting season.
  • This is made using sake lees which would be stored in wooden boxes and aged for up to 20 years.
  • is a traditional dish of northern Fujian cuisine which is made from braising chicken in wine lees made from red yeast rice (see lees (fermentation) ).
  • The wines ferment and are matured for around six months on lees in old 1000 litre foudres before bottling.
  • The name Lees is an old Saxon word for the field systems that developed in this locality... lees meaning literally 'field'.
  • When yeast cells die, they sink to the bottom of the fermentation vessel where they combine with insoluble tartrates, grape seeds, skin and pulp fragments to form the lees.
  • If the layer of lees begins to exceed 4 inches (10 centimeters), the enzymes released from the process of the yeast digesting themselves creates reducing conditions and promotes the development of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors.
  • "Nasu Karashizuke" (eggplant pickled in mustard and sake lees) is a popular type of "karashizuke".
  • Racking is the process of siphoning wine or beer off lees into a new, clean barrel.
  • Similarly, the resemblance of Afrikaans verbs like "lees" ("to read", Dutch "lezen") to the first person singular and verbs like "gaan" ("to go") to infinitive forms in Dutch means that "julle lees" ("you [...] read") or "ek gaan" ("I go") would be understood by Dutch speakers more readily than "jullie lezen" or "ik ga" would be by Afrikaans speakers.
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