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NOUN   a left arm | left arms
left arm
linker Arm {m}
I can't feel anything in my left arm.Ich habe kein Gefühl im linken Arm.
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  • On a 3D model of a human for example, the chest is a parent of the upper left arm, which is a parent of the lower left arm, which is a parent of the hand.
  • Beatty returned to Britain, where he required an operation to restore proper use of his left arm.
  • The famous Apollo of Mantua and its variants are early forms of the Apollo Citharoedus statue type, in which the god holds the cithara, a sophisticated seven-stringed variant of the lyre, in his left arm.
  • Left-arm unorthodox spinners can bowl with the googly action using the left arm.
  • Nearby Oceanus are fragments of a figure thought to be Tethys: a part of a chiton below Oceanus' left arm and a hand clutching a large tree branch visible behind Oceanus' head.
  • Jackson was hit by friendly fire, requiring his left arm to be amputated.
  • The 2009 season saw the addition of two new patches on the Blue Jays' uniforms: on the right arm, a bright red maple leaf (part of the Canadian flag), and on the left arm, a small black band with "TED" written on it, in reference to the late team owner Ted Rogers, who died in the off-season.
  • Ötzi's posture in death (frozen body, face down, left arm bent across the chest) could support a theory that before death occurred and rigor mortis set in, the Iceman was turned onto his stomach in the effort to remove the arrow shaft.
  • Michelangelo smashed the left arm and leg of the figure of Jesus.
  • While there, Mustaine fell asleep with his left arm over the back of a chair, causing compression of the radial nerve.
  • Left-arm orthodox spin, Left-arm off spin also known as slow left-arm orthodox spin bowling, is a type of left-arm finger spin bowling in the sport of cricket.
  • A left-handed bowler who bowls with the same (wrist spin) action as a leg spinner is known as a left-arm unorthodox spin bowler. The ball itself spins in the opposite direction.
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