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NOUN   a macaroni penguin | macaroni penguins
macaroni penguin [Eudyptes chrysolophus]
Goldschopfpinguin {m}
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Übersetzung für 'macaroni penguin' von Englisch nach Deutsch

macaroni penguin [Eudyptes chrysolophus]
Goldschopfpinguin {m}orn.T
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  • "T. gaudichaudii" is an important prey item for predators such as the macaroni penguin and icefish, as well as many species of seabirds, notably diving petrels.
  • Eventually, they get captured by a large group of poachers, from whom they later escape with the help of a Macaroni Penguin named Mak and an old guard dog on board named Jack.
  • The supporters are an Antarctic fur seal standing on a mountain, and a macaroni penguin standing on ice, both animals native to the islands.
  • Breeding colonies of southern fur seal, elephant seal, Magellanic penguin, macaroni penguin, and albatrosses are all found amongst tussac grass on South Georgia and elsewhere.
  • Penguin species found here include large numbers of king penguins on South Georgia especially, as well as chinstrap penguin, macaroni penguin, gentoo penguin, Adelie penguin, and rockhopper penguin "(Eudyptes chrysocome)".
  • Also present are the Antarctic petrel, Antarctic shag, king penguin, macaroni penguin, and Arctic tern.
  • A study examined the life cycle of the tick in colonies of king penguin and macaroni penguin.
  • The rockhopper penguins are closely related to the macaroni penguin ("E. ...
  • Some sources consider the white-flippered penguin a separate "Eudyptula" species, while others treat it as a subspecies of the little blue penguin; Similarly, it is still unclear whether the royal penguin is a separate species or merely a color morph of the macaroni penguin.
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