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ADJ   macaronic | more macaronic | most macaronic
NOUN   macaronic | macaronics
macaronic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'macaronic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

macaronic {adj}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Other macaronic hybrids such as "Minglish" (Marathi and English), "Manglish" (Malayalam and English), "Kanglish" (Kannada and English), "Tenglish" (Telugu and English), and "Tanglish" or "Tamglish" (Tamil and English) exist in South India.
  • Some scholars conjecture that Tifi Odasi was the author of "Nobile Vigoncae opus" ("The Work of Noble Vigonza"), another work in macaronic Latin. The attribution is not widely accepted, however.
  • "The Motor Bus" is a macaronic poem written in 1914 by Alfred Denis Godley (1856–1925).
  • is a French blend that referred first to the overuse of English words by French speakers and later to diglossia or the macaronic mixture of French (...) and English (...).
  • In its original setting, the carol is a macaronic text of German and Latin dating from the Middle Ages.
  • The term anglicism (...) is related to the linguistic concepts of loanwords, barbarism, diglossia, and the macaronic mixture of the French ("français") and English ("anglais") languages.
  • Greek with heavy macaronic or code-switching admixture of English words, or vice versa.
  • Univisium (macaronic Latin for "unity of images") is a proposed universal film format created by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC and his son, Fabrizio, to unify all future theatrical and television films into one respective aspect ratio of 2:1.
  • is a macaronic language found in some manuscripts of South India.
  • Latin was very popular and often mixed with the Polish language in macaronic writings and in speech. Knowing at least some Latin was an obligation for any "szlachcic".
  • A macaronic song is one that combines multiple languages. Macaronic songs have been particularly common in Ireland (Irish–English) and also occur for other languages, such as Yiddish–Ukrainian.
  • Kanglish (Kannada: ಕಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್) is a macaronic language of Kannada and English.
  • The following is a list of macaronic languages.
  • Medieval poetry may mix Latin and vernacular languages. Mixing languages in verse or rhyming words in different languages is termed macaronic.
  • He spent his later life in the United Kingdom, and is best known for his studies of macaronic language and literature.
  • Hinglish, a portmanteau of Hindi and English, is the macaronic hybrid use of English and languages of the Indian subcontinent, and especially Hindi.
  • Scott contributed to Archibald Pitcairne's "Selecta Poemata" (1726) some lyrics and macaronic verse; in the preface to the volume his literary merits are extolled by contemporaries.
  • Teofilo Folengo (...) (8 November 1491 [...] 9 December 1544), who wrote under the pseudonym of Merlino Coccajo [...] or Merlinus Cocaius in Latin, was one of the principal Italian macaronic poets.
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