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main line of resistance
Hauptwiderstandslinie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'main line of resistance' von Englisch nach Deutsch

main line of resistance
Hauptwiderstandslinie {f}mil.
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  • Master Sergeant Belisario Noriega served with the 65th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division. He led his men through the hostile ranks of the enemy to the safety of the main line of resistance.
  • He was attached to the 1st Marine Regiment as an executive officer and participated in the defense actions on the Main line of resistance until April 1953, when he assumed command of 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines.
  • The next morning, more than a hundred dead Japanese were found within 150 yards of the main line of resistance.
  • This distance from the Main Line of Resistance gave Lt.
  • On 4 December the main line of resistance was over-run in an attack forcing 6th Army to commit its remaining reserves.
  • A main line of resistance (MLR) is the most important defensive position of an army facing an opposing force over an extended front.
  • On the fourth day, directing the Marines' first rocket barrage and exposed to the enemy's main line of resistance, Chambers fell under enemy machine-gun fire.
  • The operation was a massive redeployment of UN forces designed to put more Republic of Korea Army units on the Jamestown Line, the UN's Main line of resistance (MLR).
  • This weakened the main line of resistance just as the Union brigades to their front were swarming up to the crest.
  • With the discussions for the start of ceasefire negotiations underway, the UN advance stopped on the "Kansas"-"Wyoming" Line which was fortified as the Main line of resistance and despite some limited attacks this would essentially remain the frontline throughout the next 2 years of stalemate.
  • As part of the Angevillers or Œutrange subsector (the two names were used) in the fortified sector of Thionville, the Casemate du Grand-Lot, wearing the designation C 36, is integrated into the "main line of resistance "Between the Rochonvillers work (A 8, whose block 9 is detached near the casemate) to the south-west and the casemate of Escherange West (C 37) to the north-east, within the cross-shot range of the cannons of ouvrage Rochonvillers in the south-west and Molvange in the north-east.
  • A series of smaller skirmishes followed as the UN established the Jamestown Line as the main line of resistance.
  • Operation Minden was an offensive undertaken by United Nations Command (UN) forces during the Korean War between 8–12 September 1951, as part of a general advance to extend the "Wyoming Line", the UN Main line of resistance.
  • Hickey commanded the IX Corps from 1953 to 1954, leading the organization during the end of its occupation of the "Line Missouri" Main Line of Resistance and subsequent withdrawal from combat at the end of the Korean War.
  • Their final configuration was that each front division should establish a main line of resistance [...] behind the front.
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