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main mast
Großmast {m}
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Übersetzung für 'main mast' von Englisch nach Deutsch

main mast
Großmast {m}naut.
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  • The ship's main mast is now a memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.
  • A brigantine is a two-masted sailing vessel with a fully square-rigged foremast and at least two sails on the main mast: a square topsail and a gaff sail mainsail (behind the mast).
  • The name ketch is derived from "catch". The ketch's main mast is usually stepped further forward than the position found on a sloop.
  • Most yachts launch their dinghies by hand or with a simple lifting tackle rigged from the main mast.
  • Between the main mast and mizzen as well as between main mast and foremast, the staysails between the masts are named from the sail immediately "below" the highest attachment point of the stay holding up that staysail.
  • The main mast serves as the quarterdeck through which cadets from the National Defence Academy of India pass out.
  • mast constructed to broadcast all the area's services so that the main mast could be worked on 'cold'.
  • The main mast is part of another memorial in Frank Kitts Park in central Wellington.
  • A mainsail is a sail rigged on the main mast of a sailing vessel. (In extremely heavy weather, the mainsail may be lowered, and a much smaller trysail hoisted in its place).
  • The yoke (or jaw) of the gaff and the lacing of the gaff sail on a snow could move freely on the snow mast, unhindered by the iron bands that held together the (main) mast, nor limited by the main yard.
  • Six of the gun turrets, three on each side, were abreast the forward funnel while the remaining four were mounted on abreast the main mast.
  • At the top of the main mast is a beacon which emits a red pulse of light every few seconds at night.
  • The placement of the machinery and wheels in the middle of the ship conflicted with having the main mast there, and so the sail plan of paddle frigates was less than ideal.
  • It was intended that only one officer would hold the rank at any time, with their presence aboard any naval vessel to be denoted by the flying of the Royal Standard from the main mast.
  • A snow had a foremast and a main mast immediately abaft which a small subsidiary mast was fastened on which the spanker was set.
  • Usually the main mast was the tallest; that of "Moshulu" extends to 58 m off the deck.
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