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NOUN   a main material | main materials
main material
Hauptwerkstoff {m}
main raw material
Hauptrohstoff {m}
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Übersetzung für 'main material' von Englisch nach Deutsch

main material
Hauptwerkstoff {m}ind.material

main raw material
Hauptrohstoff {m}material
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The main material is taken from Estonian folklore of a giant hero named Kalevipoeg ("Kalev's son", often Anglicised as "Kalevide").
  • Lead is the main material used for radiographic shielding against scattered X-rays.
  • While Angelcorpse's main material is released on Osmose, the singles, EPs, and live albums were released on Gene Palubicki's Evil Vengeance Records.
  • These include more metal, in bands or as the main material, and are functional rather than decorative.
  • Detector material properties influence this value and thus several main material properties should be investigated: TCR, 1/f Noise, and Resistance.
  • If an element can be identified which gives maximum EMR response with minimum mechanical stimulus then it can be incorporated into main material and thus set new trends in the development of smart material.
  • The road's main material is asphalt concrete, many parts of the highway are bordered with gravel.
  • Quiet main material and energetic, somewhat agitated transitions characterize this movement.
  • The "manila" component of the name originates from manila hemp, locally known as abacá, historically the main material for manila folders, alongside the manila envelope and manila paper.
  • In Qing county, Hebei Province, the technology of using crop straw as a main material to generate biogas is currently developing.
  • Its main material is random (cobblestone) and coursed rubble limestone with a slate roof.
  • The main material used for construction of the gaol is Sydney sandstone, cut into large blocks by convicts.
  • The complex is designed in the modern architectural style with glass as a main material.
  • The construction technique of the buildings is still unknown, but the main material was wood.
  • Reinforced concrete was the main material used due to its low cost and ease of use.
  • For many years and throughout the 20th century, glass was the main material used for bottling until the evolution of thermoplastics following World War II.
  • The main material is Carrara marble. The rear wall is decorated with bronze plaques and the floor has mosaic pictures of thatched cottages and round towers.
  • Its main material is clay, which after being molded is baked and painted and used for making dolls, vases, façades of houses, and other things.
  • The main material chosen for the construction was pre-stressed reinforced concrete which gave the possibility of forming curved structures and projecting platforms.
  • After the main material follow three appendices in the British edition, the first explaining the title (as mentioned above) and two accounts of Burroughs' own drug abuse and treatment using apomorphine.
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