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main message [most important piece of information]Hauptbotschaft {f}
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Übersetzung für 'main message' von Englisch nach Deutsch

main message [most important piece of information]
Hauptbotschaft {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The first singer who started singing revolutionary hymns on dambura was Sarwar Sarkhosh, and his main message was the uprising of the young generation and the fight against oppression.
  • In the Kaiser study, 34% of high school principals said their school's main message was abstinence-only.
  • The main message was that Joseph Goebbels is a father of contemporary media culture and mass-communication.
  • Equatorial Guinea's imam Pedro Benigno Matute Tang said that the main message for 2022 was that muslims must love one another and educate their children because a "well-educated child, with discipline, cannot adhere to vandalism groups".
  • The main message is that army officers plan battles from safety of their base, and are usually not involved in the fighting, and therefore does not know the horrors that they are forcing soldiers to face.
  • The maqam that is used each Shabbat depends on the theme, story, or main message of the Sabbath weekly Torah portion.
  • Huitfeldt stated: "The main message is to strengthen the partnership between Norway and the United States through a green partnership.
  • She is a very inquisitive, imaginative and confident character whose main message is to encourage young girls.
  • The main message is summarized in the words spoken in Alobar's 8th century Bohemian dialect Erleichda, loosely translated as "lighten up".
  • Director Jerry Rees described the main message is the film asks is: "what would it be like to be an appliance, and feel good when you're useful, and help people..."
  • The main message system files were no longer safe or private once the general user population learned the directory names.
  • The explanation for this is that slight variations in execution create a slight mental perturbation which grabs attention, and results in more elaborate encoding of the main message argument.
  • In such cases the main message is padded with 0 bits in the beginning.
  • The main message of the book is that neo-classical economics damage developing countries, mostly via adherence to the theory of comparative advantage of David Ricardo, an English economist of the XIX century.
  • This is when Brian utters the main message of the film "you don't need to follow anybody!
  • The main message of de Soto's work and writings is that no nation can have a strong market economy without adequate participation in an information framework that records ownership of property and other economic information.
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