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NOUN   a mainline | mainlines
VERB   to mainline | mainlined | mainlined
mainlining | mainlines
mainline {adj} [attr.]Haupt-
to mainline [coll.] [inject drugs]
fixen [ugs.] [Drogen spritzen]
to mainline [coll.]
sichDat. Drogen spritzen
mainlineHauptlinie {f}
Mainline church [Protestant] [Am.] [Can.]
Mainline Church {f} [Evangelische Kirche mit moderater Theologie]
mainline churches
Großkirchen {pl}
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  • Of major, flag, legacy, national, network, mainline or non-mainline airline carriers.
  • The former "Water Level Route" of the New York Central Railroad (now the CSX mainline) travels directly through Erie.
  • The National Transcontinental Railway constructed its mainline from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Moncton, New Brunswick along the western and southern shores in 1912 - today this line forms the mainline of CN Rail between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal, Quebec.
  • 2009-02-11: The gallium-0.2 branch was merged into mainline Master branch of Mesa. Development is done in Mesa mainline.
  • The line will feature an Elastic Sleeper Direct Fasten (ESDF) type ballastless track with concrete sleepers in the mainline and plastic/fiber-reinforced foam urethane railroad ties on turnouts in the mainline and depot.
  • The Presbyterian Church in Korea (YeJangHapBo) is a Christian denomination created as the result of bringing together various Hapdong groups, both mainline and non-mainline.
  • was established in 1950 as a business spur into downtown Rock Hill, via Saluda Street, from mainline SC 72, which continued east to terminate at US 21/SC 5 (Anderson Road).
  • The station is used for passing mainline trains, when there are engineering works on the mainline.
  • For United Airlines, regional block hours must be less than mainline block hours. Mainline routes flown in last 24 months are prohibited unless United could not earn an adequate return.
  • Mainline service (...) is the railway's main service. In 2010 mainline services made up for 24% of the railways passenger traffic. Mainline service includes 2 types of trains: Express and Blue Train.
  • In 1988, DG 772 was upgraded to mainline mechanical certification condition, repainted in its original colour scheme and used in the Ferrymead 125 celebrations, including a mainline excursion to Springfield.
  • An airline carrier's collective bargaining agreement with flight crews stipulates the maximum seating capacity of regional aircraft; as such, any aircraft that exceeds this capacity must operate as a mainline flight.
  • The station is located next to the Pan Am Railways mainline, formerly the Western Route mainline of the Boston & Maine Railroad.
  • RSL&GT locomotives are maintained to mainline operating standards and are operated on the mainline railways of the UK, in addition to preserved railways by Locomotive Services.
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