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mainline churches
Großkirchen {pl}
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mainline churches
Großkirchen {pl}relig.
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  • In the United States, members of the Christian Left come from a spectrum of denominations: Peace churches, elements of the Protestant mainline churches, Catholicism, and some evangelicals.
  • He noted that "Mainline churches cannot be the church unless they pay attention to the community where they are.
  • The mainline churches, such as the Episcopal Church (Anglican), wanted to bring faith to the Blacks, but did not want to advocate "political and social equality".
  • At one level this allows for an autonomy at a local church level which is unheard of in mainline churches.
  • McPherson's ecumenical approach assisted Pentecostals in explaining their faith in the context of historic church doctrine. Mainline churches became exposed to differing beliefs about gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • In most denominations, modern preaching is kept below forty minutes, but historic preachers of all denominations could at times speak for several hours, and use techniques of rhetoric and theatre that are today somewhat out of fashion in mainline churches.
  • He found that most of them were dropouts from mainline churches or synagogues – and that they were on a quest for idealism, community and a sense of belonging.
  • Its primary focus, however, has been the renewal of the local church and the ecumenical unity of the mainline churches.
  • The image became the source of religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, primarily driven by non-mainline churches identified with charismatic, evangelical, or fundamentalist theology, including all branches of Pentecostalism, due to the nature of Catholic Marian devotion associated with the religious image.
  • In 1985, Synan was the founder and chairman of the North American Renewal Service Committee which resulted in the New Orleans Leaders Conference that hosted over 7,500 leaders from Pentecostal denominations and mainline churches involved in the renewal movement.
  • Basters from Mainline churches are mostly Calvinist.
  • Palestinian liberation theology is an expression of political theology and a contextual theology that represents an attempt by a number of independently working Palestinian theologians from various denominations—mostly Protestant mainline churches—to articulate the gospel message in such a way as to make that liberating gospel relevant to the perceived needs of their indigenous flocks.
  • and use techniques of rhetoric and theatre that are today somewhat out of fashion in mainline churches.
  • For example, ordination of women is universally accepted in the mainline churches, abortion is condemned as a grievous social tragedy but not always a personal sin or a crime against an unborn person, and homosexuality is sometimes recognized as a genetic propensity or morally neutral preference that should be neither encouraged nor condemned.
  • Some Mainline churches no longer hold to exclusivist views on salvation.
  • In 1990 the Crossroads Church of Christ broke with the Boston movement and, through a letter written to "The Christian Chronicle", attempted to restore relations with the mainline Churches of Christ.
  • Of all the mainline churches in Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada has the most precipitous drop in members; according to its own records, a reduction of 10% in membership occurs annually.
  • While in 1970 the mainline churches claimed most Protestants and more than 30 percent of the population as members, [...] today they are a minority among Protestants; in 2009, only 15 percent of Americans were adherents.
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