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VERB   to mainline | mainlined | mainlined
mainlining | mainlines
sb. mainlined [sl.] [injected illegal drugs into a vein]jd. fixte [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'mainlined' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. mainlined [sl.] [injected illegal drugs into a vein]
jd. fixte [ugs.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A free and open-source implementation of Direct3D version 9 has been mainlined into Mesa 3D.
  • After becoming a cyborg, Green Man has no more need for sleeping, resting or eating. Fully powered by his internal power battery, Green Man is mainlined to the Central Battery and the Book of Oa.
  • Drivers for MediaTek Ralink wireless network interface controllers were mainlined into the Linux kernel version 2.6.24.
  • The DRM maintainer in turn submits all of these patches that are ready to be mainlined to Linus Torvalds whenever a new Linux version is going to be released.
  • The green lawns, garden and other plants mainlined here have enhanced the beauty of the campus.
  • 17 a generic method for mode-setting was mainlined.
  • There is an open-source device driver mainlined in the Linux kernel for some rsi91x hardware that uses the mac80211 framework.
  • An extradition treaty was signed between the two countries, ensuring that any wanted Egyptians apprehended in Pakistan could be more efficiently mainlined back to Cairo.
  • The subsystems already mainlined and available in the Linux kernel are most probably performant enough so to not impede the gaming experience in any way, [...] however additional software is available, such as e.g.
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