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SYNO chiefly | in the main | mainly | ...
mainly {adv}hauptsächlich
mainly {adv}vorwiegend <vorw.>
mainly {adv}überwiegend
mainly {adv}größtenteils
mainly {adv}vorzugsweise [hauptsächlich]
mainly {adv}in erster Linie
mainly {adv}im Wesentlichen
mainly {adv}in der Hauptsache
mainly {adv}zum größten Teil [größtenteils]
2 Wörter
mainly responsible {adj}hauptverantwortlich
3 Wörter
persons mainly responsibleHauptverantwortliche {pl}
4 Wörter
sth. is based mainly on sth.etw. beruht hauptsächlich auf etw.Dat.
This is mainly because ...Das liegt vor allem daran, dass ...
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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. [My Fair Lady]
Es grünt so grün, wenn Spaniens Blüten blühen. [dt. Fassung von Robert Gilbert]
which is mainly due towelches hauptsächlich verursacht wurde durch
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  • The population of Voskehat are mainly involved in cattle-breeding and agriculture, mainly grape and wheat.
  • labrosus" has been studied to feed off of the bottom, mainly at dawn and during daytime hours.
  • Since the mid 1990s, half tunnel fins have mainly been used on very long hollow wooden surfboards mainly surfed by Roy Stuart.
  • The most important prey of the brown lanternshark are bony fishes (mainly lanternfishes), followed by cephalopods (mainly the squid "Watasenia scintillans"), and finally crustaceans (mainly prawns such as "Acanthephyra").
  • Commercial success has mainly been in France, Les Wampas mainly singing in French.
  • Ogilby's duikers live mainly in high-altitude rainforests, where they feed mainly on fallen fruit.
  • Gomoa District was mainly inhabited by the Akan-subgroup Fantes. The inhabitants were mainly farmers and fishermen.
  • The purdah (or veil) is mainly in vogue among Bagri women. Men mainly wear a pant-shirt, kurta-payjama and dhoti.
  • The reconstruction provided an opportunity to transform the production system, which transitioned from mainly agricultural to mainly industrial, and then to a mainly tertiary economy (including activity such as trade, services and public administration).
  • (mainly tubular and ⁄or villous adenomas) mainly by invasion through the muscularis mucosae.
  • Exhibited mainly works in oil and pastel, her prolific, mainly pencil drawings were practically unknown up to now.
  • Alto Jequitibá is one of the few mainly Protestant cities of Minas Gerais, mainly Presbyterian.
  • Fanny Pieroni-Davenport was an Italian painter, active mainly in Florence, mainly of portraits.
  • Although it is mainly a marine family, specimens living in freshwater have been reported, mainly from oceanic islands of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Juveniles mainly feed on insects (including their larvae) and adults mainly on phytoplankton.
  • They mainly belong to Vallabh beliefs. They worship mainly Lord Krishna swaroop.
  • Marigat is inhabited by the Tugen (Samor) mainly from the upper regions, i.e.
  • Economy mainly depends on agriculture and inward remittances from mainly gulf region.
  • The economy in Sekinchan are mainly based on agriculture; Mainly around paddy, fishing and tourism.
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