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NOUN   a masonry saw | masonry saws
masonry sawSteinsäge {f}
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Übersetzung für 'masonry saw' von Englisch nach Deutsch

masonry saw
Steinsäge {f}
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  • The reglet is created typically with a grinder or masonry cutting saw that cuts 3/4" to 1-1/2" deep into a mortar joint between two bricks.
  • The early years saw early bridge technology limited very much to the 18th-century European technology of masonry arches and cast iron, the latter still in its infancy and not produced to any great extent in New South Wales.
  • The area around the position retains the vestiges of firing positions constructed of dry stone masonry pierced by embrasures for guns.
  • The technique, which results in a spiral effect in the arch masonry, provides extra strength in the arch to compensate for the angled abutments.
  • POWs after 1973 at a "motel-shaped masonry building" in North Vietnam.
  • These new rituals enlarged the scope of Masonry and encompassed many elaborations, some of which included elements which had previously been practiced within the craft.
  • Hyslop comments that the 'secret' to the production of fine Inca masonry “…was the social organization necessary to maintain the great numbers of people creating such energy-consuming monuments.” Spanish Chronicler Pedro Cieza De Leon wrote that Pachacuti "ordered 20,000 men sent in from the provinces" for the construction of Sacsayhuamán.
  • Typical Saxon herring-bone masonry can be seen in the church tower.
  • It appears that this bridge was constructed without lime and mortar and such construction was no doubt necessitated by the heavy rainfall in the country and the luxuriant vegetation which attacks all masonry structures in which mortar is used.
  • Contrasting with the French forts built in the same era by Raymond Adolphe Séré de Rivières, the fort was built exclusively of unreinforced concrete, a new material, rather than masonry.
  • Above-ground construction is of jacal or crude masonry.
  • Thomas Seabrook was the masonry contractor.
  • There was considerable variation in the types and size of structures, ranging from the slab construction in Cunnamulla in 1869 to the masonry of the Supreme Court in Rockhampton in 1887.
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