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masonry veneer
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masonry veneer
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Übersetzung für 'masonry veneer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

masonry veneer
Verblendmauer {f}archi.

Mauerverblendung {f}archi.
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  • It was subsequently closed by masonry veneer and nearly forgotten.
  • Masonry veneer walls consist of a single non-structural external layer of masonry, typically made of brick, stone or manufactured stone.
  • It was constructed in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration using a modular corrugated iron product known as Multi Plate, and given a masonry veneer with Gothic Revival details.
  • Unlike the bungalows in the nearby Hyde Park Historic District, these houses utilized more expensive masonry veneer rather than cheaper wood siding.
  • The spire was of lighter construction than that originally designed, being steel framed and clad with a masonry veneer.
  • The building is constructed using a series of reinforced cast concrete frames, with exterior walls of cast-in-place concrete with a masonry veneer.
  • Stone and masonry veneer is sometimes considered "siding", are varied and can accommodate a variety of styles—from formal to rustic.
  • A single wythe of brick that is not structural in nature is referred to as a masonry veneer.
  • By 1997 Vancouver and neighboring Richmond and New Westminster enacted requirements for this construction technology in residential construction. (Masonry veneer walls typically have a similar type cavity but these are not limited to residential buildings).
  • The Sanctuary located on the southern portion of the site, is a masonry veneer structure on a steel frame.
  • In masonry veneer building construction, a shelf angle or masonry support is a steel angle which supports the weight of brick or stone veneer and transfers that weight onto the main structure of the building so that a gap or space can be created beneath to allow building movements to occur.
  • However, a masonry veneer can be a rainscreen wall if it is ventilated.
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