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NOUN   a masonry wall | masonry walls
masonry wallSteinmauer {f}
curtain masonry wall
Umfassungs­mauer {f}
dry masonry wall
Trockenmauerwerk {n}
gravity masonry wall
Schwergewichtsmauer {f}
gravity masonry retaining wall
Schwergewichtsmauer {f}
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  • In 2012, scientists at the Institute of Solid Construction and Construction Material Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology announced that they had developed a wallpaper that can help keep a masonry wall from failing in an earthquake.
  • wide was poured over the rocks and a masonry wall seven feet at the base and nine feet high was constructed.
  • Enclosed on the southern side by a later masonry wall and glass louvres, the understorey accommodates an open play area with a concrete floor and a timber perimeter seat.
  • Masonry wall trees refer to trees grown from openings in masonry stone retaining walls.
  • Top mount, face mount, sloped/skewed, and variable pitch hangers for dimensional lumber, engineered wood I-joists, structural composite lumber and masonry wall.
  • The buildings are surrounded by a high masonry wall with 12 towers.
  • However the additional weight, added complexity of construction, and poor thermal insulation tend to limit masonry wall partitions as a viable sound isolation solution in many building construction projects.
  • A reinforced masonry wall was added to the dam crest in 1993 to prevent waves from overtopping the wall in the event of extreme floods.
  • The architect and engineer may look for signs of cracking of masonry wall or the settling of basement floors or upper floors which direct them to a problem in the foundation.
  • The foundation of the tower is a solid masonry wall built upon a timber bearer piling.
  • Years ago, the water repellents trapped moisture in the masonry wall creating more problems than they solved.
  • The landscape architect cantilevered a steel beam spanning the width of the pool to support a masonry wall and a series of concrete diving platforms that allowed models to swim under the backdrop unnoticed and then emerge like Esther Williams from the deep.
  • Rising damp is a condition caused by ground moisture rising up a masonry wall by capillary action.
  • The anchor-rod-and-plate assembly serves to brace the masonry wall against tilting or lateral bowing.
  • A multiple-wythe masonry wall may be composed of a single type of masonry unit layered to increase its thickness and structural strength, or different masonry units chosen by function, such as an economical concrete block serving a structural purpose and a more expensive brick chosen for its appearance.
  • It was reduced in size with the building of a 2 m thick masonry wall through the main fort, though at the same time stone was used in the rebuilding.
  • stone masonry wall on the southern boundary of the reserve where it comes in direct contact with agricultural fields.
  • The strength of a masonry wall is not entirely dependent on the bond between the building material and the mortar; the friction between the interlocking blocks of masonry is often strong enough to provide a great deal of strength on its own.
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