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masonry work {sg}
Mauerarbeiten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'masonry work' von Englisch nach Deutsch

masonry work {sg}
Mauerarbeiten {pl}constr.
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  • There are two main types of sedimentary stone used in masonry work, limestones and sandstones.
  • as somebody with knowledge of bricklaying and masonry work.
  • The masonry work was expected to last indefinitely, while the timber work was expected to be good for eight to ten years.
  • When the masonry work reached the top of a plank, Flagg inserted another one, adding more planks until he reached the top of the wall.
  • For reasons of economy and speed, the most popular solution is some form of lightweight insulated metal cladding with cavity masonry work to the bottom 2m of the wall to provide security and impact resistance.
  • 5 million worth of masonry work and brickwork, all accomplished by Boro, and was most notable for its architectural requirements and excellent workmanship.
  • A stone pastophorium for storing the eucharist, which is located in the northern pillar of triumphal arch, is the most accurate stone masonry work in the cathedral.
  • The gardens were reported to be in a fair condition as at 19 June 2006, although erosion of clay mortar supporting the stone masonry work on the retaining walls is a concern.
  • However, since the masonry work was not consumed by the fire, significant ruins of many of the buildings can still be found on the site.
  • Sohail gate features some of the best masonry work of the Sur Empire and was likely the ceremonial main entrance to the fort.
  • The two brothers are also credited for their masonry work on the original Kansas Capitol (east wing) in Topeka from 1866 to 1869.
  • He became partners with John Redpath and their firm did the masonry work on the Lachine Canal near Montreal, they then went on to build the locks on the lower section of the Rideau Canal, between the Rideau River and the Ottawa River at Bytown.
  • He was also tasked with smaller projects in this time, such as masonry work and apartment building throughout the palace.
  • Sand is used with cement, and sometimes lime, to make mortar for masonry work and plaster.
  • By February 1849 inspector George Halpin reported that the masonry work of the beacon was complete but the iron staff and vane still had to be placed on top.
  • Some evidence points to the Turret House being built by 1574, when the Earl of Shrewsbury's accounts record payments for masonry work on the "Tyrret" at Sheffield Manor.
  • Construction progressed into the second half of 1896 with the completion of one abutment, partial completion of the other abutment; all masonry work, parapets and excavations undertaken for the placement of the concrete thrust blocks.
  • The masonry work was done by Reid & Fleming, and the steel superstructure was built by the Dominion Bridge Company.
  • In the summer of 1993, Svigals & Associates radically renovated the exterior with the same polychrome masonry work as the rest of the building, but its interior is drastically different.
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