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microcanonical ensemble
mikrokanonisches Ensemble {n}
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Übersetzung für 'microcanonical' von Englisch nach Deutsch

microcanonical ensemble
mikrokanonisches Ensemble {n}phys.
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  • The microcanonical ensemble is a collection of microscopic states which have fixed energy, volume and number of particles.
  • Any form of TST, such as microcanonical variational TST, canonical variational TST, and improved canonical variational TST, in which the transition state is not necessarily located at the saddle point, is referred to as generalized transition state theory.
  • The basic framework was originally formulated within the canonical ensemble, but has since been extended to include the grand canonical ensemble and the microcanonical ensemble.
  • Based on the above definition, the microcanonical ensemble can be visualized as an infinitesimally thin shell in phase space, centered on a constant-energy surface.
  • It combined the Langevin equation with microcanonical ensembles.
  • When the number of particles is large, then the difference between average values of the macroscopic variables for the canonical and microcanonical ensembles tends to zero, and their fluctuations are explicitly evaluated.
  • These simulations typically utilize algorithms based upon molecular dynamics or microcanonical ensemble algorithms.
  • General derivations of the equipartition theorem can be found in many statistical mechanics textbooks, both for the microcanonical ensemble and for the canonical ensemble.
  • Statistical theory can also be used in the microcanonical formalism to describe the excess energy partitioning in sequential dissociation steps, as proposed by Klots for a canonical ensemble.
  • Only the 'control variables' of statistical ensembles (such as the number of particules "N", the volume "V" and the internal energy "E" in the microcanonical ensemble) do not fluctuate.
  • Importantly, the canonical ensemble is different from microcanonical ensemble from the viewpoint of statistical mechanics.
  • The same result can be obtained in the canonical and microcanonical ensemble, as the result of every ensemble must give the same value at thermodynamic limit [...].
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