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NOUN   a morsel | morsels
SYNO bit | bite | morsel
to morsel sth.etw.Akk. häppchenweise aufteilen
morselHäppchen {n}
Bissen {m}
morsel [mouthful of food]
Happen {m} [ugs.]
morselStückchen {n}
morsel [of bread etc.]
Bröckchen {n}
Brocken {m}
2 Wörter
choice morselLeckerbissen {m}
dainty morselLeckerbissen {m}
dainty morsel
Appetithappen {m}
delicious morselköstlicher Happen {m}
juicy morsel [fig.]saftiger Bissen {m} [fig.]
juicy morsel [fig.] [coll.]fetter Bissen {m} [fig.] [ugs.]
tasty morselLeckerbissen {m}
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  • After a lengthy description of whatever tasty morsel Vern had, Ernest would get locked out but would continue to shout from outside.
  • The word comes from "loqma" or morsel.
  • Corentin offers the king a morsel of his miraculous, regenerative fish, symbolizing the gift of Christianity.
  • The same hands which had fed him his first morsel of rice became the ones that fed him his last meal.
  • Courtship feeding is common, the author having seen a captive male run 5–10 m to the hen to present some particular morsel.
  • This translates as: Take the name of the Lord when putting a morsel into your mouth.
  • Having done that, the couple feed a morsel of food to each other from the residue of the offerings.
  • Kyçyk's other works are the poem Bekriu (1824) in which he condemns the drinking of rakia and wine, the historical one around 1826 for Ibrahim Pasha, the glorious campaigns of the Albanian governor of Egypt Mehmet Ali against the Greek rebellion and the poem that deals with the troubles of those who were forced to seek a morsel of bread and profit away from their homeland - the Gurbetlites.
  • The term "bisciola" likely derives from the Latin "buccella" (lit: "morsel").
  • so reading them is like eating a bag of potato chips, with each non-sequitur scene its own salty, satisfying morsel ('Bet you can't eat just one')"...
  • A little cat who would have asked for nothing other than a morsel to eat.
  • The "afikoman", which was hidden earlier in the Seder, is traditionally the last morsel of food eaten by participants in the Seder.
  • It is often employed in a religious context in Hinduism, to refer to the practice of leaving a morsel of food as prasadam for a deity, which is deemed to be enough of an offering for their satisfaction.
  • metricus", females mix fructose into the morsel that they malaxate.
  • Annalee Newitz of io9 wrote "Sharktopus" represents both your guilt, and the assuaging of it, all in one tasty morsel" and called it the "Inception" of giant monster movies.
  • Often, the chicks fight for possession of the offered morsel, the younger ones usually losing and not getting enough.
  • The dough which was left over from pasty making is made into a lump of unleavened dough, in which is embedded a morsel of green [...] pork and sometimes a piece of potato.
  • He reported that while the English army had supplies, they "could afford nothing to the crowd of forlorn and famishing outcasts whom danger collected around the camp; to these, so dreadful was their destitution that a morsel of garbage was a feast, and they flocked as ravens round the putrifying and blackened carcasses of dead horses which lay rotting in the summer sun".
  • "Khaṇḍakhādyaka" (meaning "edible bite; morsel of food") is a Sanskrit-language astronomical treatise written by Indian mathematician and astronomer Brahmagupta in 665 AD.
  • " "morsel", " [...] " "hatchet", " [...] " "dinner", " [...] " "reader", " [...] " "wedding", etc.
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