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NOUN   a mortal enemy | mortal enemies
mortal enemyTodfeind {m}
mortal enemy [female]Todfeindin {f}
My Mortal Enemy [Willa Cather]
Mein ärgster Feind
My Mortal Enemy [Willa Cather]
Eine alte Geschichte
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  • The mortal enemy of the morning had become a trusted ally by night".
  • Don Quixote warns Sancho that they are always in danger of being attacked by Quixote's mortal enemy, an evil magician known as the Enchanter.
  • He regarded the Soviet Union as the mortal enemy of democracies.
  • The reader takes the role of a dinosaur rancher in the country of Thalos on a distant planet who finds themself in the middle of an attack by Thalos' mortal enemy, the militaristic Karosseans.
  • In 2018, she played her second antagonist role in Precious Hearts Romances presents "Araw Gabi". She portrays Celestina de Alegre, the mortal enemy of Adrian Olvidar (JM de Guzman).
  • Van Batenburg thenceforth regarded the Holy Roman Emperor as his mortal enemy.
  • She attempts to reconcile with Kenny Veech (George Raft), her former romantic interest, but he is jealous and bitter, particularly after she takes up with Veech's mortal enemy, nightclub owner Lew Lentz (Tom Conway).
  • He soon makes a mortal enemy of their leader, Pearly Soames, and is constantly on the run from the gang.
  • Oktar has been described as preaching Islam as a "dutiful disciple" of Kurdish Islamic scholar Said Nursî, criticizing not only Communism, but Atatürk's secular reforms, and especially his mortal enemy Freemasonry, but making "no claim whatever to clerical authority".
  • and declaring Captain Nazi his mortal enemy.
  • Skalla-Grímr is a respected chieftain, and mortal enemy of King Harald Fairhair of Norway.
  • Modjeska was a character in the novella "My Mortal Enemy" by Willa Cather.
  • WIZ-DOM considers the Arayashiki their mortal enemy.
  • Coincidentally, "wonsu" is also a word meaning "mortal enemy" (怨讐).
  • In Rudyard Kipling's 1894 "The Jungle Book", the tiger Shere Khan is the mortal enemy of the human protagonist Mowgli.
  • His mortal enemy is Cut-Throat Jake, captain of the "Flying Dustman".
  • Many samurai clans used this "mon" as their own, including some that traced their ancestry back to the mortal enemy of the Minamoto, the Emperor Kanmu of the Taira clan ([...] , "Kanmu Heishi").
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