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muscarinic antagonist
Muskarinantagonist {m}
muscarinic receptor antagonist <MRA>
Muskarinrezeptorantagonist {m} <MRA> [auch: Muskarin-Rezeptor-Antagonist, Muskarinrezeptor-Antagonist]
long-acting muscarinic antagonist <LAMA>
langwirksamer / lang wirksamer Muskarinrezeptor-Antagonist {m} <LAMA>
short-acting muscarinic antagonist <SAMA>
kurzwirksamer / kurz wirksamer Muskarinrezeptor-Antagonist {m} <SAMA>
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  • Further development was enabled through a novel co-formulation strategy with the peripherally restricted muscarinic antagonist, trospium, to quell the peripheral cholinergic side effects.
  • The development of a muscarinic antagonist based on himbacine failed but an analog, vorapaxar, has been approved by the FDA as a thrombin receptor antagonist.
  • It is a muscarinic antagonist. A modified release preparation is also available, taken once daily.
  • It is a muscarinic antagonist that is used to treat drug induced parkinsonism.
  • Trospium chloride is a muscarinic antagonist. Trospium chloride blocks the effect of acetylcholine on muscarinic receptors organs that are responsive to the compounds, including the bladder.
  • Pralidoxime is often used with atropine (a muscarinic antagonist) to help reduce the parasympathetic effects of organophosphate poisoning.
  • Atropine is a muscarinic antagonist, which can obstruct the muscarinic receptor and acetylcholine cannot bind to the receptor for sustaining transmission of nerve signals to the heart through the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Revefenacin is a bronchodilator that exerts its effect as a long-acting muscarinic antagonist.
  • Ipratropium bromide, sold under the trade name Atrovent among others, is a type of anticholinergic (SAMA: short acting muscarinic antagonist) medication which opens up the medium and large airways in the lungs.
  • Cyclopentolate is a muscarinic antagonist. It is commonly used as an eye drop during pediatric eye examinations to dilate the eye (mydriatic) and prevent the eye from focusing/accommodating (cycloplegic).
  • It acts as a dual β2 adrenergic agonist and muscarinic antagonist and is classified as an ultra-long-acting β2 agonist (ultra-LABA).
  • Ipratropium is a short-acting muscarinic antagonist (SAMA), while tiotropium is long-acting.
  • Diphenidol is a muscarinic antagonist employed as an antiemetic and as an antivertigo agent. It is not marketed in the United States or Canada.
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