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NOUN   a muscle activity | muscle activities
muscle activity
Muskelarbeit {f}
muscle activity
Muskelaktivität {f}
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Übersetzung für 'muscle activity' von Englisch nach Deutsch

muscle activity
Muskelarbeit {f}biol.

Muskelaktivität {f}biol.
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  • This is among the highest recorded for hawk-moths, and near the limit for insect muscle activity.
  • Various kinds of involuntary muscle activity may be referred to as a "spasm".
  • A study on cadavers showed that the one-legged pose could be held without any muscle activity, while living flamingos demonstrate substantially less body sway in a one-legged posture.
  • The main symptom of benign fasciculation syndrome is focal or widespread involuntary muscle activity (fasciculation).
  • After two weeks, improvement with decreased stiffness and spontaneous muscle activity and improved sleep was observed.
  • This occurs when oxygen is present, and the body is able to utilize oxygen to help generate energy and muscle activity.
  • Because the haltere muscles are tiny in comparison to the flight muscles, flight muscle activity completely overshadows that of the haltere muscles during flight.
  • In some tests, the collagen has been shown to be able to begin raising mantle pressure up to 50ms before muscle activity is initiated.
  • ", it was concluded that the “average rectified EMG data (ARV) is significantly less variable when measuring the muscle activity of the core musculature compared to the peak EMG variable.” Therefore, these researchers would suggest that “ARV EMG data should be recorded alongside the peak EMG measure when assessing core exercises.” Providing the reader with both sets of data would result in enhanced validity of the study and potentially eradicate the contradictions within the research.
  • Interruption or dysfunction of the indirect pathway of movement results in hyperkinesia, or dyskinesias, which are, in general, diseases which lead to the production of additional involuntary muscle activity.
  • This connection to language is supported by the fact that thinking is often accompanied by muscle activity in the speech organs.
  • Respiratory pattern changes have also been noted in the hypnagogic state, in addition to a lowered rate of frontalis muscle activity.
  • Duloxetine hydrochloride, a SNRI, has been shown to increase bladder capacity and sphincteric muscle activity in animals and humans exhibiting irritated bladder function.
  • Single action potentials from Meissner's corpuscle, Pacinian corpuscle and Ruffini ending afferents are directly linked to muscle activation, whereas Merkel cell-neurite complex activation does not trigger muscle activity.
  • Brain waves and muscle activity start to decrease at this stage.
  • Is the study of patterns of muscle activity during gait.
  • However, the majority of muscle activity is volitional, and the result of complex interactions between various areas of the brain.
  • For adult enuresis, sacral nerve stimulation can be administered to decrease bladder muscle activity so that the bladder muscles are not constantly in a contracted state to help improve enuresis symptoms.
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