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NOUN   a mustard sauce | mustard sauces
mustard sauce
Senfsoße {f}
mustard sauce
Senfsauce {f}
mustard sauce
Senftunke {f}
fig mustard sauce
Feigensenfsauce {f}
fig mustard sauce
Feigensenfsoße {f}
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Übersetzung für 'mustard sauce' von Englisch nach Deutsch

mustard sauce
Senfsoße {f}gastr.

Senfsauce {f}gastr.

Senftunke {f}gastr.

fig mustard sauce
Feigensenfsauce {f}gastr.

Feigensenfsoße {f}gastr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In some areas, when chicken is used instead of pork, tzatziki and onions are replaced with a special yellow mustard sauce and lettuce.
  • Some also use raw onion, sour cream, mustard-sauce, a mild form of mustard with dill.
  • It is served in a variety of ways such as fried with onions atop varenyky, sliced on rye bread, eaten with an egg and mustard sauce, or in "Yayechnia z Kovbosoyu i yarnoyu" a dish of fried kovbasa with red capsicum and scrambled eggs.
  • Hot meals traditionally consist of ground meats, such as "frikadeller" (meat balls of veal and pork) and "hakkebøf" (minced beef patties), or of more substantial meat and fish dishes such as "flæskesteg" (roast pork with crackling) and "kogt torsk" (poached cod) with mustard sauce and trimmings.
  • Saengchae (생채) is like a salad seasoned with salt, vinegar, soy sauce, or mustard sauce.
  • It is without baby onions, with a milder mustard sauce, and with the addition of carrot pieces.
  • is the Asian or Bengali variety of mustard sauce or relish.
  • The arts being revived at Biswa Bangla are Indo-Portuguese shawls – each of which takes about six months to embroider – muslin, Darjeeling tea, masks, attar perfumes, Kalimpong cheese, mustard sauce and honey from the Sunderbans.
  • A pungent mustard sauce called "kashundi" is sauce for snacks or sometimes makes a base ingredient for fish dishes and vegetable dishes.
  • It is served in a variety of ways such as fried with onions atop varenyky, sliced on rye bread, eaten with an egg and mustard sauce and lastly in "Yayeshnia z kovbasoyu i yarynoyu" a dish meaning fried sausage with bell pepper and scrambled eggs.
  • In North America, Crab Rangoon is often served with a sauce for dipping such as soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or a hot mustard sauce.
  • Poached cod served with mustard sauce, boiled potatoes and horseradish is traditionally enjoyed as the main course on this evening, known as "nytårstorsk" (New Year's Cod), with champagne and "kransekage" served later in the night.
  • It is served with boiled potatoes and mustard sauce or bechamel sauce.
  • But it is also popular served like asparagus in a white sauce, such as bechamel sauce, mustard sauce or hollandaise sauce.
  • These diners usually also have gyros served with cucumber or honey-mustard sauce, as well as hamburgers, sandwiches, breakfast, and dinner entrees.
  • Lutfisk, lyed fish made of stockfish (dried ling or cod), is served with boiled potato, thick white sauce or mustard sauce, green peas and sometimes cubed bacon.
  • In the United States, many "British-style" pubs and eateries serve Scotch eggs, usually served hot with dipping sauces such as ranch dressing, hot sauce, or hot mustard sauce [...].
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