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n-dimensional {adj}
n-dimensional torus
n-dimensionaler Torus {m}
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  • In a linear system the phase space is the "N"-dimensional Euclidean space, so any point in phase space can be represented by a vector with "N" numbers.
  • In "n"-dimensional Euclidean space the same questions can be posed, for example about SO(n)\SL"n"(R)/SL"n"(Z).
  • René Descartes defined extension as the property of existing in more than one dimension, a property that was later followed up in Grassmann's n-dimensional algebra.
  • A simplicial complex is a topological space of a certain kind, constructed by "gluing together" points, line segments, triangles, and their "n"-dimensional counterparts (see illustration).
  • More generally, there is a "k"-dimensional tangent space at each point of a "k"-dimensional manifold in the "n"-dimensional Euclidean space.
  • Some of the formulae above are special cases of the volume of the "n"-dimensional ball and the surface area of its boundary, the ("n"−1)-dimensional sphere, given below.
  • in an "n"-dimensional space each region has "n"+1 vertices.
  • If a subset of R"n" has Hausdorff dimension less than "n" then it is a null set with respect to "n"-dimensional Lebesgue measure.
  • Duality can be generalized to "n"-dimensional space and dual polytopes; in two dimension these are called dual polygons.
  • The determinant gives the signed "n"-dimensional volume of this parallelotope, [...] and hence describes more generally the "n"-dimensional volume scaling factor of the linear transformation produced by "A".
  • By construction, this is a Sperner coloring. Hence, by Sperner's lemma, there is an "n"-dimensional simplex whose vertices are colored with the entire set of [...] available colors.
  • In the field of optimization, linear programming studies the maxima and minima of linear functions; these maxima and minima occur on the boundary of an "n"-dimensional polytope.
  • The figure (right) illustrates distribution of lengths N of pairwise almost orthogonal chains of vectors that are independently randomly sampled from the "n"-dimensional cube [...] as a function of dimension, "n".
  • The analogue of a cube in four-dimensional Euclidean space has a special name—a tesseract or hypercube.
  • Geometrically, this is an "n"-dimensional subset of [...] (maximal dimension, codimension 0) rather than of [...] (codimension 1).
  • Specifically in "n"-dimensional space it is called "n"-dimensional parallelotope, or simply [...] -parallelotope (or [...] -parallelepiped).
  • For example, a two-dimensional array [...] with three rows and four columns might provide access to the element at the 2nd row and 4th column by the expression [...] in the case of a zero-based indexing system.
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