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n type {adj}n-leitend
n-type conduction [electron conduction]
n-Leitung {f} [Elektronenleitung]
n-type conductivity
n-Leitfähigkeit {f}
n-type doping
n-Dotierung {f}
n-type semiconductor
n-Halbleiter {m}
n-type semiconductor
Überschusshalbleiter {m} [n-Halbleiter]
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  • This film contains n-type and p-type dopants and takes responsibility for dopant conductions.
  • Following the end of forwarding conduction in a p–n type diode, a reverse current can flow for a short time.
  • The N device is manufactured on a P-type substrate while the P device is manufactured in an N-type well (n-well).
  • A PNP BJT will function like two diodes that share an N-type cathode region, and the NPN like two diodes sharing a P-type anode region.
  • In the 1990s antimony was increasingly being used in semiconductors as a dopant in n-type silicon wafers for diodes, infrared detectors, and Hall-effect devices.
  • A PIN diode is a diode with a wide, undoped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region.
  • JFETs can have an n-type or p-type channel. In the n-type, if the voltage applied to the gate is negative with respect to the source, the current will be reduced (similarly in the p-type, if the voltage applied to the gate is positive with respect to the source).
  • This structure with p-type body is the basis of the n-type MOSFET, which requires the addition of n-type source and drain regions.
  • Semiconductors doped with "donor" impurities are called "n-type", while those doped with "acceptor" impurities are known as "p-type".
  • 10 eV, the same as in silicon, and high electrical conductivity of n-type.
  • Ziconotide, a blocker of potent Ntype voltage‐gated calcium channels, is administered intrathecally for the relief of severe, usually cancer-related pain.
  • A field-effect transistor (FET) is any semiconductor material that utilizes electric field to control the shape of a channel of one type of charge carrier, thereby changing its conductivity.
  • , a (partial) "n-type over A" is a set of formulas "p" with at most "n" free variables that are realised in an elementary extension [...] of [...].
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