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VERB   to nab | nabbed | nabbed
nabbing | nabs
sb. nabs [coll.]jd. erwischt
sb. nabs [coll.]jd. schnappt
his nabs {sg} [hum.]seine Gnaden {m} [meist ironisch]
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  • Vicky is helped by all his poor people whom he has helped in the past and nabs the remaining goons.
  • Green approaches the local business man, Tightwiler, who runs a yearly haunted house and by startling him with one of his creations nabs the job of creating this year's haunted house.
  • Anant chases Aangre and nabs him with a huge police force while Ashwin recovers the file.
  • Echo Park neighborhood nabs Reynard Waits, a man with body parts in his van on the floorboard in front of the front seat.
  • Dr Ram breaks away from jail and nabs Insp. Danapani who says that Mohanlal planned the murder of Bharat using his influence over police.
  • Vivaan nabs Joshua Matthews as the prime suspect but lacks of evidence to arrest.
  • Sattari's four peoples nabs by NIA from Kolkata for possession of fake currency.
  • Deveron nabs the crooked cops and chases Joe to an air strip, where his private plane is unable to take off. Joe says goodbye to Gloria, but she promises to wait and gives him the ring.
  • At one point, Anand nabs Sivaram while tort and penal him.
  • The police officers who were tailing them chases Sundaru and eventually nabs him from their palatial mansion.
  • Kingsley sets a trap at a department store and nabs Webb as she steals a mink coat.
  • Customs Officer Kaliprasad is newly deputed and nabs a notorious gang of smugglers.
  • Sadhu nabs Rauf. He initially denies being the culprit but later accepts it.
  • Newald nabs Selina's necklace as he believes it will stop her control over the giants.
  • The FBI arrives and nabs the entire ring. Jill tells Lucky he will probably get a medal, but instead he is returned to the stockade to serve out the rest of his punishment.
  • The name refers to their flat summits composed of hard Corallian limestone, known locally as "nabs".
  • The Lady Altas nabs its back-to-back championship and the ALTAS continued its reign of the Championship crown for three consecutive years (NCAA Volleyball Season 86th, 87th, and 88th).
  • Hannah laments her unattached state with "Here I Am, But Where's My Guy?" As the sibilance-challenged Sir Freddy arrives, she nabs him and sweeps him into the ballroom.
  • Most of Moriarty's henchmen are captured by the police, and when Moriarty comes in person (in disguise) to do the job, Holmes nabs him too.
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