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naming conventionNamenskonvention {f}
naming convention
Benennungs­regel {f}
uniform naming convention <UNC>
Uniform Naming Convention {f} <UNC>
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  • In his naming convention the small stellated dodecahedron is just the "stellated dodecahedron".
  • The product was officially named IntelDX4, but OEMs continued using the i486 naming convention.
  • From the beginning, the Ferrari naming convention consisted of a three-digit unitary displacement of an engine cylinder with an additional suffix representing the purpose of a vehicle.
  • Pakistani surnames are basically divided in three categories: Arab naming convention, tribal or caste names and ancestral names.
  • Dylan's lexical syntax allows the use of a naming convention where hyphen (minus) signs are used to connect the parts of multiple-word identifiers (sometimes called "lisp-case" or "kebab case").
  • " naming convention.
  • Camel case is often used as a naming convention in computer programming, but is an ambiguous definition due to the optional capitalization of the first letter.
  • As such, it uses exactly the same register naming convention as MMX, that is MM0 through MM7.
  • For WikiWikiWeb, the CamelCase naming convention was used to indicate internal links, without requiring HTML code.
  • This variable star naming convention was developed by Friedrich W.
  • Affair" naming convention used by the franchise on most other TV episodes and book releases.
  • The szlachta in Poland, where Latin was written and spoken far and wide, used the Roman naming convention of the tria nomina (praenomen, nomen, and cognomen) to distinguish Polish citizens/szlachta from the peasantry and foreigners, hence why multiple surnames are associated with many Polish coat of arms.
  • The D- and L- labeling of the isomers above is not the same as the "d"- and "l"- labeling more commonly seen, explaining why these may appear reversed to those familiar with only the latter naming convention.
  • In general, the naming convention for a feature type remains the same regardless of its size.
  • In the MERO system, Platonic solids are used for naming convention of various space frame configurations.
  • This naming convention provides reasonable assurance that the identifiers are unique and can therefore be used in larger programs without naming collisions.
  • Both the IETF RFCs and computer programming languages are rendered in plain text, making it necessary to distinguish metasyntactic variables by a naming convention, since it would not be obvious from context.
  • It also follows the KDE naming convention: the names of most KDE programs begin with the letter K.
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