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nature conservation
Naturschutz {m} [mit zweckdienlicher Bewirtschaftung]
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(nature) conservation efforts
Naturschutzbemühungen {pl}
(nature) conservation efforts
Naturschutzbestrebungen {pl}
(nature) conservation officer
Naturschutzbeauftragter {m}
(nature) conservation project
Naturschutzprojekt {n}
conservation of nature
Naturschutz {m}
conservation of nature
Landschaftsschutz {m}
nature conservation area
Naturschutzgebiet {n}
nature conservation measures
naturerhaltende Maßnahmen {pl}
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Federal Nature Conservation Act
Bundesnaturschutzgesetz {n} <BNatSchG>
lower nature conservation authority
untere Naturschutzbehörde {f}
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Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Bundesamt {n} für Naturschutz <BfN>
Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Bundesminister {m} für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Bundesministerium {n} für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit <BMU> [Deutschland]
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources <IUCN>
Internationale Union {f} für die Bewahrung der Natur und natürlicher Ressourcen <IUCN>
Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union [Germany]
Naturschutzbund Deutschland (e. V.) {m} <NABU>
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  • Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Jürgen Trittin reached an agreement with energy companies on the gradual phasing out of the country's nineteen nuclear power plants and a cessation of civil usage of nuclear power by 2020.
  • Organizations such as Community Forestry International, Cool Earth, The Nature Conservancy, World Wide Fund for Nature, Conservation International, African Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace also focus on preserving forest habitats.
  • The borough has sixty-seven Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, eight Local Nature Reserves, and it is jointly responsible with the London Borough of Brent for the Welsh Harp (Brent) Reservoir, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
  • The area has a number of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation: Darland's Lake Nature Reserve, Totteridge Green, Totteridge Common, Totteridge Fields, Dollis Brook, Folly Brook and Totteridge Croft Field (or Dell's Down Acre).
  • Iona Close Orchard is a preserved Victorian garden. In common with most old orchards, the site is of high nature conservation value. The houses to which it originally belonged dated to about 1825.
  • 3 hectare Local Nature Reserve and Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, Grade 1.
  • The tax is also credited by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation climate change expert Emma Lindberg and University of Lund Professor Thomas Johansson with spurring a significant move from hydrocarbon fuels to biomass.
  • Some state legislation that the Park must follow are: Nature Conservation Act 1992, Marine Parks Act 1982, Fisheries Act 1994, Queensland Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 1994.
  • Nature conservation dates back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when the Tooril Khan of the Mongolian Ancient Keraite Aimag – who prohibited logging and hunting activities – claimed the Bogd Khan as a holy mountain.
  • The fish Scotts' wrasse "Cirrhilabrus scottorum" was named after Peter and Philippa Scott for their “great contribution in nature conservation".
  • These boards are ruled by reprensatives of companies, farmers and nature conservation organisations and reprensatives who are elected by citizens in the area.
  • He began to focus more on humanitarian and sustainability causes, focusing extensively on nature conservation projects.
  • The council seeks to maintain and enhance the nature conservation interest of Kidney Wood, including its habitats while allowing public access for informal recreation including play.
  • The result has been that most of this grassland is of little value to nature conservation, often with only one grass species present.
  • An international nature conservation organisation that has settled the head office of its Netherlands branch in this province (at Zeist) is the WWF.
  • Each of them is provided with state-financed administration and a park ranger staff, who guide visitors and work to ensure nature conservation.
  • of the waters around Rùm, Canna and the low-lying rocky islet of Oigh-sgeir have been designated as the Small Isles Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA).
  • Installations used to produce wind, solar and hydropower are an increasing threat to key conservation areas, with facilities built in areas set aside for nature conservation and other environmentally sensitive areas.
  • In 2003 the first statutory No Take Zone (NTZ) for marine nature conservation in the UK was set up in the waters to the east of Lundy island.
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