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VERB   to nature | natured | natured
naturing | natures
natured {adj}geartet
2 Wörter
best natured {adj}gutmütigste
better natured {adj}gutmütiger
good-natured {adj}gutartig
good-natured {adj}gutmütig
good-natured {adj}freundlich
good-natured {adj}verträglich
good-natured {adj} [person]gemütlich [Person]
ill-natured {adj}bösartig
pleasant-natured {adj}umgänglich
sweet-natured {adj}gutartig
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  • "Nightmare Abbey" is an 1818 novella by Thomas Love Peacock which makes good-natured fun of contemporary literary trends.
  • Within the novel, a man referred to as the "good natured Dick" by Fanny and the girls at Mrs.
  • Episodes that feature no guest and are generally more loose natured.
  • He is known for sociable and good-natured personality, and enjoys fishing as a hobby.
  • "To gather good-natured people to fight against hate and prejudice.
  • ") He also frequently uses "Motherfuckers" (pronounced, "Ma-fuckas") to refer to things and people in a good-natured way.
  • The story concerns an ill-natured Marquise. An astrologer, to whom she had refused shelter at her chateau, transforms her into the wife of a surly cobbler named Jacques and transforms the cobbler's sweet-natured wife into the Marquise.
  • The Lahore is generally a very gentle and shy pigeon. They are good natured and can be tamed quickly.
  • The film was a subject of good-natured ridicule in a March 21, 2013 video-on-demand release by Rifftrax.
  • Hooman (هومن) is a Persian male name which means 'benevolent and good natured'.
  • In 1933, Joyce played herself in the ramshackle film, "International House", which contained some good-natured joshing about her love life.
  • Red-shouldered macaws are very kind natured. Their personality is similar to the large macaws.
  • Good-natured but naive, Savoy would be loved by his subjects for his generosity.
  • Ossie is a good-natured pink ostrich sporting a light blue mohawk hairstyle.
  • In 1965, Royal abandoned his aristocratic character and adopted the character of a good-natured cowboy.
  • On Cinema Blend, it was praised for "wacky wordplay, catchy tunes, and good-natured ribbing".
  • Barrilete (Ricardo Palacios) is another municipal police officer, immensely plump and good-natured.
  • Reviewers praised the book for its good-natured, humorous, self-deprecating tone.
  • The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured continues, as Calvin Norris reveals himself to his co-workers and Sam's family deals with the news of having the two-natured in the family.
  • The evil-natured man keeps faith with none; the erring nature does not fail to err.
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