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NOUN   a ne'er-do-well | ne'er-do-wells
ne'er-do-well {adj}nichtsnutzig
ne'er-do-wellTunichtgut {m}
ne'er-do-wellNichtsnutz {m}
ne'er-do-wellTaugenichts {m}
ne'er-do-wellHamperer {m} [ugs.] [bayer.]
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  • "Kikujiro", released in 1999 and named after his father, was a semi-comedy featuring Kitano as a ne'er-do-well crook who winds up paired up with a young boy looking for his mother, and goes on a series of misadventures with him.
  • "Ne'er-Do-Well" is a murder story narrated by Richard Chandos, with whom the investigating detective is staying.
  • "Our Mother's House" (1967) is an off-beat film noir and the British entry at the Venice Film Festival, directed by Jack Clayton, in which Bogarde plays a ne'er-do-well father who descends upon "his" seven children on the death of their mother.
  • Cole's boyish good looks and brooding, deep-voiced personality meshed perfectly with his character's backstory—a ne'er-do-well son of wealthy parents who had evicted him from their home after he had stolen a car.
  • Another son was a ne'er-do-well who traveled to Brazil and returned to Venice only after his father's death.
  • In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Sign of the Four" (1890), Jonathan Small wonders "how my folk would stare when they saw their ne'er-do-well coming back with his pockets full of gold moidores" when justifying his decision to help end Achmet's life for the treasure he carried.
  • The Waltons receive two new guests in their house almost simultaneously: Edith Walton's ne'er-do-well younger brother, and their maid's young daughter, Lillian.
  • It is yet another story in Gwar's grand storyline (about the ne'er-do-well Scumdogs of the Universe), and the third to be released on video.
  • He is a ne'er-do-well lout who is guilty of the killing of a man over a beautiful slave girl, Zhen Yinglian, who is renamed as Xiangling (Lotus).
  • Local ne'er-do-well Dulcy Dooner inherits a greenhouse from his late uncle, a famous botanist, and literally plants the seeds of trouble, when Dulcy discovers an unfinished experiment.
  • In print, the term can be found in Rex Beach's 1911 book, "The Ne'er-Do-Well", and in the 1915 memoir "My Battles with Vice" by Virginia Brooks.
  • Doyle hid behind the flimsy veneer of a ne'er-do-well hustler and con artist, seemingly more interested in where his next drink was coming from than helping others.
  • Her ne'er-do-well brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily drop by in hopes of a handout.
  • James Daley is a local junior high school principal; his brother Tom is an unsuccessful, embittered, cynical alcoholic and ne'er-do-well writer.
  • According to an interview with Gaiman in "The Sandman Companion", the Corinthian takes his name from the mode of behavior; specifically, "a Corinthian" was another term for a rake: a devil-may-care, ne'er-do-well.
  • Though outwardly successful, she is haunted by a sense of failure; her husband is a ne'er-do-well and her work as a commercial artist does not earn as much as she would like.
  • "Trouser Press" wrote that the album "paves a pop path Harry can navigate, but the material is weak." The "Los Angeles Times" wrote that "the songs--which tend to be about ne’er-do-well boyfriends and romantic escapades--are tethered to jacked-up rhythms that don’t go down so well on the dance floor." Chris Heath of "Smash Hits" magazine was more positive, giving the album 7 out of 10 and stating "Nothing else is quite as brilliant as the current single "French Kissin' In The USA", but there's plenty of the aggressive sprightly pop songs that Blondie used to do so well, the odd slightly swoonsome ballad, and a couple of throwaway disco songs. How very nice it is to have her back".
  • Although the Old English origin of the name Liverpool is beyond dispute, claims are sometimes made that the name Liverpool is of Welsh origin, but these are without foundation. The Welsh name for Liverpool is Lerpwl, from a former English local form Leerpool. This is a reduction of the form "Leverpool" with the loss of the intervocalic [...] (seen in other English names and words e.g. Daventry (Northamptonshire) > Danetry, never-do-well > ne’er-do-well).
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