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NOUN   a neem tree | neem trees
SYNO arishth | Azadirachta indica | margosa | ...
neem tree [Azadirachta indica]
Neembaum {m}
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Übersetzung für 'neem tree' von Englisch nach Deutsch

neem tree [Azadirachta indica]
Neembaum {m}bot.T
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  • Food offering/Naivedyam: rice flour shaped into the fruits of neem tree is deepfried.
  • One of their nest has been seen on Neem tree in Rajasthan India which exactly match with their body colour.
  • On the southern side of the temple, there is a big neem tree and the chamber of Vasudeva where Swaminarayan gave several discourses which are recorded in the Vachanamrut scripture.
  • The tree grows on a little square on the north of the house and is a neem tree (Azadirachta indica).
  • Chowk is a historical point, where once stood the Neem tree where numerous freedom fighters were hanged in the first Indian War of Independence.
  • He is also called Nimai due to him being born underneath a Neem tree.
  • She saw a green and shadowy tree in Sindh, and she inquired its name and wrote a poem "The Neem Tree" on it. She helped her husband in writing a book "The Brown Girl in Search of God".
  • The white marble "dargah" (shrine) of Babajan was built alongside the neem tree under which she had sat for so many years, by the roadside which is now a busy thoroughfare.
  • The name "sadao" is the Thai word for Neem tree.
  • Numerous species have been proposed for the genus but only two are currently recognized, "Azadirachta excelsa" and the economically important tree "Azadirachta indica", the Neem tree, from which neem oil is extracted.
  • 4 % in the seeds of the neem tree.
  • Another common natural nematicide is obtained from neem cake, the residue obtained after cold-pressing the fruit and kernels of the neem tree.
  • The tetranortriterpenoid class of chemical compounds most noted for the chemical azadirachtin, extracted from the neem tree ("Azadirachta indica") that displays insecticidal properties.
  • Certain limonoids are antifeedants such as azadirachtin from the neem tree.
  • Nagaoba Temple in Mahal is where worship is offered on Naga Panchami day; the temple was found under the neem tree known as “Nagaoba ka vota", under a platform.
  • Similar protests have been organized outside those at WTO ministerial meetings; most notably the formation of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP), India's protest against TRIPS and foreign corporate patents for the neem tree native to India; French farmers’ protest against false Roquefort cheese; and the creation of APM-Afrique to improve coffee and cotton sectors.
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