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nice-looking {adj}gutaussehend
nice-looking {adj}gut aussehend
nice-looking {adj}nett aussehend
nice-looking {adj}hübsch aussehend
to be nice-lookingnett aussehen
to be nice-looking [person]
etwas fürs Auge sein [ugs.] [Person: gut aussehen]
nice-looking bird [Br.]flotte Biene {f} [ugs.] [attraktive Frau]
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  • Bryant put together a nice looking drive right away on its first possession.
  • Goda is a young and nice looking science professor at prestigious girls' school who broke a seal on a tree and was attacked and possessed by a tentacle monster.
  • When Lenore Prentiss, a childhood friend, develops into a nice looking woman, Rusty takes notice.
  • "Sana was a very nice looking woman with a little porcelain face, and she produced the charming impression of a spoiled and self-centered child," recalled the singer Alexandra Belling.
  • According to Cherry, casting the role of Karl was difficult because he "wanted a guy that was nice looking and seemed like he would have been married to Teri, but was also someone you wouldn't like."
  • The principal of the school believes Clark may be too "nice-looking," to take on the rough, disruptive students in a 6th grade class that has just been abandoned by their teacher.
  • 3 out of 10 writing "While it's prettier than most budget titles, it also suffers from the vacancy that so often comes with nice looking people, dogs, or mechanical monsters.
  • One of the overall goals of Oxygen was to provide a nice looking desktop that did not distract the user, so the icons and themes use a desaturated color palette.
  • In mathematics, Radó's theorem is a result about harmonic functions, named after Tibor Radó. Informally, it says that any "nice looking" shape without holes can be smoothly deformed into a disk.
  • "The Beacon" predicted the game would be a "battle royal" as the Commandos had "some mighty nice looking speed merchants themselves".
  • Upon hearing from one her uncles that a "nice looking girl" had been captured, Maggie and her mother arranged to trade her pony for the hostage, fourteen-year-old Mary Schwandt.
  • McEntee’s diary entry from that day suggests Talbot’s straitened circumstances at the time of his death: “There were quite a number of very nice looking people at the funeral.
  • Joseph Armstrong's book "Trout Unlimited's Guide to Pennsylvania Limestone Streams" as a "nice-looking stream".
  • The PanAm pilot, Ralph Savory, referred to the flight attendants as "very nice looking stewardesses".
  • This he did gladly, and as she was a very nice looking woman, he married her and in due time, she bore him a son whom they called Fa'asega.
  • Former producing fire alarms while the latter producing nice looking loudspeakers.
  • Congratulations on the very nice-looking bridesmaids' dresses."
  • Ettrich founded KDE in 1996, when he proposed on Usenet a "consistent, nice looking free desktop-environment" [...] for Unix-like systems using Qt as its widget toolkit.
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