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oögenesis [spv.] [oogenesis]
Oogenese {f}
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Übersetzung für 'genesis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oögenesis [spv.] [oogenesis]
Oogenese {f}biol.
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  • Oogonia are the cells that turn into primary oocytes in oogenesis. They are diploid, i.e.
  • Through "in vitro" maturation, folliculogenesis and latter parts of oogenesis are being mimicked outside of the ovaries- trying to recreate the conditions for these processes.
  • During oogenesis in the nematode "Caenorhabditis elegans" the sister chromatid, or even the same DNA molecule, can serve as a meiotic repair template for both crossover and non-crossover recombination.
  • The border cells are a cluster of 6-8 cells that migrate in the ovariole of the fruit-fly "Drosophila melanogaster," during the process of oogenesis. A fly ovary consists of a string of ovarioles or egg chambers arranged in an increasing order of maturity. Each egg chamber contains 16 central germline, nurse cells surrounded by a monolayer epithelium of nearly 1000 follicle cells. At stage 8 of oogenesis, these cells initiate invading the neighbouring nurse cells, and reach the oocyte boundary by Stage 10.
  • In a larger perspective, the whole folliculogenesis, from primordial to preovulatory follicle, belongs to the stage of ootidogenesis of oogenesis.
  • Studies show that the mourning cloaks use endocrine mechanisms similar to other lepidopterans to regulate female specific protein synthesis, oogenesis, and male and female reproductive gland development. Juvenile hormone (JH) is involved in the regulation of oogenesis and development of the male and female reproductive glands in the mourning cloak butterfly.
  • "D. nigrospiracula" exhibit sexual dimorphism through differing ratios of phosphorus concentration in adult males and females. Females have about 3 times as much phosphorus in their gonads as males. This inequality is due to the importance of phosphorus in the synthesis of nucleic acids during oogenesis. The cacti on which "D. nigrospiracula" breed and feed have low concentrations of phosphorus, but research has shown that the higher concentration in females comes from the phosphorus transferred from the male to the female during copulation. The phosphorus from the male ejaculate is incorporated into the female ovaries and traceable in RNA and DNA. Inside the female, phosphorus is then used to synthesize nucleic acids necessary in egg production. Reduced phosphorus levels in mature female diets slowed oogenesis.
  • Oogenesis consists of several sub-processes: oocytogenesis, ootidogenesis, and finally maturation to form an ovum (oogenesis proper). Folliculogenesis is a separate sub-process that accompanies and supports all three oogenetic sub-processes.
  • The formation of an oocyte is called oocytogenesis, which is a part of oogenesis. Oogenesis results in the formation of both primary oocytes during fetal period, and of secondary oocytes after it as part of ovulation.
  • Furthermore, the Dufour's gland of the parasitic "Vespula austriaca" wasp releases substances that prevent oogenesis in workers to suppress reproduction in host workers.
  • A subsequent study in 1997 by Bione "et al." established a link between human DIA and oogenesis, with a defect in the gene leading to premature ovarian failure.
  • Staufen proteins are encoded and produced very early in oogenesis. At the primary stages of oogenesis, Staufen mRNA is evenly disbursed throughout the cytoplasm of the cell. In "Drosophila" the proteins are necessary for the translating and transporting "oskar" mRNA to the posterior pole of the oocyte.
  • During "Drosophila" oogenesis, signaling between the germline and the soma leads to the establishment of anterior-posterior polarity in the egg and the embryo. This process involves the interaction of gurken (grk), a TGFα-like protein, with torpedo (top), the "Drosophila" epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Localization of gurken RNA defines cell morphology by regulating the distribution of the gurken protein. Gurken mRNA transcripts which are not localized to the dorsal-anterior of an oocyte become silenced via post-translational modifications. Post-translational modifications of gurken protein have been observed to determine the protein's localization and function. Polyadenylation of gurken transcripts occur throughout oogenesis; the length of the poly(A) tail determines the stage in oogenesis at which the gurken protein is adenylated. 30-50 gurken adenlyated residues are associated in initial oogenesis whilst 50-90 adenlyated residues are associated with late-stage oogenesis.
  • Drosophila melanogaster's postnatal oogenesis cycle is well characterized; however, invertebrates lack the genetic similarity to allow translation of the same findings into mammals.
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