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NOUN   an oak barrel | oak barrels
oak barrel
Eichenfass {n}
oak barrel
Eichenholzfass {n}
oak barrel
Barrique {f} {n}
Limousin oak barrelFass {n} aus Limousineiche
oak barrel endEichenfassboden {m}
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  • Cabernet Dorsa wines are deep in colour, rich in tannin, have noticeable aromas of cherry and bell peppers and are considered well suited for oak barrel aging.
  • In vintages that are particularly cool, the wines can be aggressively acidic and lean, but winemaking techniques such as malolactic fermentation and oak barrel fermentation can temper that.
  • Amber and dark brown spirits obtain their colour from the extracts from the oak barrel during aging and from caramel, a natural coloring agent.
  • This machine was an airtight oak barrel that allowed “the diver” to submerge long enough to retrieve underwater material.
  • All the grapes are harvested by hand with no fewer than 180 grape-pickers respectively aged 15 and 12 months in oak barrel, and one of the Médoc's oldest dry white wines, Caillou Blanc.
  • Reserva de la Familia is classified as an extra añejo tequila, meaning it is 100% agave aged over three years in an oak barrel, giving it a deeper golden color with a richer flavor more typically tasted in scotch or brandy.
  • After fermentation, the oak barrel aging regiment will vary with the length of time and proportion of new oak barrels that are used.
  • One theory is that it originated from "geysa" (geyser), Old Norse for "gush", since, during times of vigorous fermentation, gueuze will spew out of the bunghole of its enclosing oak barrel.
  • The 1980s saw a rise in use of oak barrel fermentation and lees stirring while the 1990s introduced the widespread use of extended skin-contact (maceration) prior to fermentation.
  • Walker originally positioned the whisky as a premium liquor, pitching it not only on its smoothness and purity but also its five-year oak barrel aging.
  • The tasting room, reception areas, as well as the oak barrel room where the wine is set to rest are now lit and heated by solar panels.
  • Exposure to oak barrel aging can give the wine a rounder mouthfeel.
  • Many wine lovers see natural tannins (found particularly in varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and often accentuated by heavy oak barrel aging) as a sign of potential longevity and ageability.
  • and managed by Cushman & Wakefield and owned by DB Oak Barrel LLC.
  • In addition to introducing California to oak barrels, Graff brought to California the process of malolactic fermentation in white wines.
  • Traditionally Starka is made from natural (up to 2 distillations, no rectification) rye spirit and aged in oak barrels with small additions of linden-tree and apple-tree leaves.
  • If aged, it must be in either uncharred or previously-used oak barrels and must be barreled at lower than 125 proof (62.5% abv).
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