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oaken {adj} [attr.]
eichen [attr.] [aus Eichenholz]
oaken {adj}aus Eiche [nachgestellt]
oaken {adj}aus Eichenholz [nachgestellt]
oaken casket [Am.]eichener Sarg {m}
oaken coffinEichensarg {m}
oaken coffineichener Sarg {m}
oaken doorEichentür {f}
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  • The five bells are tuned in C major, cast during the Renaissance period. It also has a stand for the oaken bucket from the War of the Bucket.
  • Working up from a stout oaken keel and ribs, the shipwrights would rivet on the planks using wrought iron rivets and roves, reinforced with added support ribs and thwarts.
  • One was a cow byre in the shape of a church complete with oaken doors and stalls and stained glass windows.
  • The symbol of the Parliament is an oaken sculpture by Nestor Basterretxea representing a stylized tree, an allusion to the tradition of Basque political assemblies meeting under a tree, as in Guernica.
  • The church is renowned for its oaken cadaver, a memorial consisting of a wooden skeleton, taken from a 15th-century tomb. It is reputed to be one of only two such carvings in the country.
  • The entry for Cockayne Hatley in the 1839 edition of "Pigot's Directory of Bedfordshire" states: "the painted windows, the oaken screens and the stalls .
  • , were usually built from oaken planks of equal length gained in the geest forests.
  • The oaken roof dates from around the fifteenth century. There are twenty-two angels in the architecture.
  • Some important architectural elements like windows with lancet arch, the original oaken stairs, that was renovated in year 2000, the original doors and interesting plafonds made in 1890 are still visible at Kalpaka Boulevard 4.
  • Hugh Fraser, 3rd Lord Lovat was said to have fortified the courtyard of Lovat during the reign of James V with yetts and installed a great oaken entrance gate.
  • In front of the box-bed was often a large oaken chest, with the same length as the bed.
  • The oaken paddlewheel, rebuilt in 1980, is approximately 32 feet in diameter.
  • The congregation still owns one of the rare mediaeval oaken chests (early 15th century), once containing its precious belongings.
  • ] oaken round-bottomed, clinker-built boats.
  • For the preservation of coins, he created two rich oaken coin libraries which are preserved in the museum.
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