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of one's own volitionaus freiem Willen
of one's own volition {adv}aus eigenem Antrieb
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  • Primarily associated with Ring of Honor, a Scramble tag team match has one difference from the normal rules: when a wrestler goes out of the ring either of their own volition or by being forced out, a partner can come in as a replacement without being tagged in.
  • Since 2011, the deceased have been commemorated in the monument named "Of One's Own Volition" by Krištof Kintera, in the park below.
  • Proponents of the practice claim that some participants choose a life of ritual servitude of their own volition, but human rights organizations claim that while this may be theoretically possible, they haven't found one yet.
  • Parenthetically, the above criteria do not correlate exactly with moral praise – while it may be true that one can, and should assign a good deal of moral praise to those who had performed a good action, or an action entailing good consequences, completely on their own volition and uncoerced, it is debatable that the same distinction holds for involuntary actions that happened to turn out well or happened to produce good outcomes.
  • The International Criminal Court's prosecutor may open a formal investigation in one of three circumstances: when a situation is referred by the government of a state which the investigation concerns, when the situation is referred by the UN Security Council, or under the prosecutor's own volition with authorisation from a Pre-Trial Chamber.
  • Article 123 of the European Patent Convention (EPC) This must however be done in accordance with the Implementing Regulations, considering that the applicant is given "at least one opportunity to amend the application of his own volition."
  • Chinese students themselves, comparing the Netherlands to the United States, state that the Netherlands offers a peaceful and not-particularly-challenging life, but fewer opportunities; one popular saying among them is that excellent students find the Netherlands too small to fulfill their ambitions, and leave of their own volition, while average and below-average students are forced out of the country entirely.
  • This is not the case with immigration, where immigrants can move on public roads of their own volition and to places where they are not necessarily welcome, amounting to forced integration.
  • He came to music of his own volition. From his childhood Turgun has been learnt playing dutar by his talented father.
  • Neither the Fathers nor the scholastics, therefore, ever envisioned the possibility of a purely natural end for human persons attainable by their own intrinsic powers of cognition and volition.
  • That is, actions being inconsistent with one's own volition and belief system and natural unhindered action-motivations.
  • Very few people choose to go to Nova Esperium of their own volition, as the long journey to the colony, combined with the rampant disease and other threats make it a harsh place to live, but New Crobuzon's government will pay the passage of any volunteers.
  • He eventually left the track of his own volition, reportedly in tears.
  • In 1785, after a spell in gaol, Jones wrote to a Samuel Smith stating that of his own volition he would not set foot in the inns near the tunnel's ends at Hailey Wood or Sapperton.
  • Peters left the United States at his own volition (ahead of near-certain deportation) for Hungary, where he lived for the rest of his life.
  • Manager Howard Kendall's second spell as manager came to an end – of his own volition – in December just after they ended a seven-match winless run.
  • The Delhi Police had used this fabricated evidence to pursue a theory that Ahmed had left the campus on his own volition.
  • Volitions can also be used to explain how the agent knows about her own action.
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