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NOUN   an oil can | oil cans
oil canÖlkanister {m}
oil canÖlspritzkanne {f}
oil can
Ölkanne {f}
oil can
Schmierkanne {f}
oil can [in which oil is sold]Öldose {f}
(little / small) oil can
Ölkännchen {n}
force feed oil can
Ölspritzkanne {f}
lever type oil can
Ölspritzkanne {f}
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  • A vegetable oil can be pressed from the seeds. The oil has a yellow colour and a pleasant, mild odour and taste, The oil has some potential as a biofuel and in paint preparation.
  • Carbon from the oil can diffuse into the steel, making the surface very hard.
  • Fiberglass rods provide an advantage over steel rods because they stretch more elastically (lower Young's modulus) than steel for a given weight, meaning more oil can be lifted from the hydrocarbon reservoir to the surface with each stroke, all while reducing the load on the pumping unit.
  • Castor oil can react with other materials to produce other chemical compounds that have numerous applications.
  • After the peppercorns are dried, pepper spirit and oil can be extracted from the berries by crushing them.
  • Sea turtles are very vulnerable to oil pollution, both because of the oil's tendency to linger on the water's surface, and because oil can affect them at every stage of their life cycle.
  • Another industry was Harps Manufacturing which was most well known for the Never-fail Oil Can, which was originally designed by Eugene Arnott but then perfected by Harp's Manufacturing.
  • This oil can contaminate surfaces inside the chamber or upon contact with hot filaments or electrical discharges may result in carbonaceous or siliceous deposits.
  • The melodrama spoofs continued as an occasional series over the next six years, with Oil Can Harry and Pearl Pureheart returning in thirteen more cartoons.
  • Perfume oil can also be diluted by means of neutral-smelling oils such as fractionated coconut oil, or liquid waxes such as jojoba oil.
  • Ordinary home pressure cookers are generally unsuitable for pressure frying, because they are typically designed for a maximum temperature around 121 °C (250 °F) whereas oil can reach temperatures well in excess of 160 °C (320 °F) which may damage the gasket in an ordinary pressure cooker causing it to fail.
  • Coconut oil can be extracted using either mechanical expellers or solvents (hexane).
  • One liter of oil can be produced from the copra of 6–10 coconuts.
  • However, large amounts of oil can be problematic as they cause complete breakdown of suspensions by causing cloud particles to float to the surface.
  • It is due to this that menhaden oil can be used in supplements to help with the previously mentioned issues.
  • This slow-drying aspect of oil can be seen as an advantage for certain techniques, but it impedes an artist trying to work quickly.
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