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on closer examination {adv}bei näherer Prüfung
on closer examination {adv}bei näherer Betrachtung
on closer examination {adv}bei näherer Überprüfung
on closer examination {adv}bei genauerer Untersuchung
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  • Cafer Er had been missing for days when his corpse was discovered in the Mamak Dump. On closer examination, it became apparent that he had been murdered, his body mutilated and large chunks of flesh cut from the soft parts of his body.
  • In what at first glance appears an Indian building, on closer examination shows a Historicist example of Classical Palladianism combined with the French Renaissance, a uniquely distinctive interpretation of the Renaissance Revival style.
  • But unlike the Communist god which, on closer examination, turned out to be a devil, the American god has just become human".
  • Among the symbols for clouds is one located over London that is, on closer examination, a mushroom cloud.
  • Many travel accounts, tourist guides and references to Imogiri imply a simple single whole. On closer examination the graveyard has more complexity within its structure.
  • Initially he assumed that from the way it glowed that it was made of brass, but on closer examination he realized it was made of highly polished sandstone with upright script that resembled a form of Greek.
  • He and his friend Hitch Paley are among the first to find an enormous monolith which appears out of nowhere in the jungle. On closer examination, it is found to be a monument made of a mysterious, indestructible substance.
  • Summing the absolute values of the coefficients, we get no more than 16 planes in 3D, becoming only 15 planes on closer examination as shown in the diagram above.
  • However researchers noticed that when in captivity these cockroaches were fed on carrots, the colour of the spots deepened to orange or even red. On closer examination the surface of the cuticle bears a number of small knobs each bearing a small mechanoreceptor.
  • Lu-Kthu ("Birth-womb of the Great Old Ones" or "Lew-Kthew") is a titanic, planet-sized mass of entrails and internal organs. On closer examination it appears a wet, warty globe, covered with countless ovoid pustules and spider-webbed with a network of long, narrow tunnels.
  • At first appearance, you would think that this is a stone church, much like the German immigrants that founded Lindsay would have attended in their home country. On closer examination, it is carefully painted (and maintained) wood.
  • The general aspect of the surface of this shell is granulous, but on closer examination the upper third part of each whorl is found to exhibit only the longitudinal ribs, which are suddenly directed obliquely to the left.
  • Apart from the church, there are no obvious reminders of the medieval village. On closer examination, a few earthworks show a village of two centres.
  • In the most abstract examples, the carving at first glance appears to be merely stylised foliage, with the facial element only becoming apparent on closer examination.
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